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Music Weekly: Monthly Mix & New Distro Titles!

Hey everyone - last music newsletter of the year! This week we have a few new distributed titles from our friends at Data Discs, Enjoy The Ride, Strange Disc and One Way Static, along with a new Monthly Mix for you to enjoy.

As usual, new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT).

Big thanks to everyone who subscribed to our music newsletter this year! Stay tuned: we'll be posting the our Top Records of 2017 on the blog soon.


We have a fantastic mix to close out the year featuring a bunch of titles due out early 2018 including cuts from BEYOND THE GATES, MAGNOLIA, MADMAN, BATMAN, LIQUID SKY and many more. Please check it out, and leave us a comment on Soundcloud!


Streets Of Rage 3 - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP. Released by Data Discs. Pressed on Translucent Orange Vinyl or Black Vinyl. Pre-Order, ships in Late January 2018. $35

One of the most unique, ambitious and experimental game soundtracks ever made, now on vinyl for the very first time.

Similar to the task of condensing Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima’s abundance of ideas into a Mega Drive cartridge in 1994, it feels impossible to convey the influences, technical achievements and sheer ambition of their masterpiece into a single paragraph today. By combining automatic composition methods, custom programming languages and a complete sense of artistic freedom, Koshiro and Kawashima transcended their medium and created something so incomparable that it’s hard to believe it came from any games console, let alone a 16bit one. STREETS OF RAGE 3 is urgent, demanding and a complete rejection of the notion that video game music is either pedestrian or predictable. We are honored to be releasing it.

STREETS OF RAGE 3 is presented as a double LP in a heavyweight single pocket sleeve, with accompanying lithographic print featuring artwork from the SEGA archives in Japan. The audio was sourced from original hardware and carefully remastered in collaboration with Yuzo Koshiro, who also supplied exclusive liner notes for this release. Available on translucent orange or black vinyl.

Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
. Released by One Way Static. Hand screened sleeve. Pre-Order, ships in January. $27

In 1978 D'Amato directed the erotic cannibal shocker PAPAYA capitalizing on the cannibal genre and adding his signature 'soft core porn' to the mix. PAPAYA turned out to be a better than average exploitation film that genre fans happily revisit from time to time.

To underscore PAPAYA, LOVE GODDESS OF THE CANNIBALS (original title: Papaya dei Caraibi), Joe turned to Stelvio Cipriani who delivered a sensual and jazzy soundtrack. Some say the compositions delivered here were 'too damn good' for the type of film it was paired with.

Limited to 120 copies only worldwide, hand numbered in screen printed jackets (split between 60 Red and 60 Yellow sleeves), randomly inserted with color vinyl copies (60 Clear/Pink haze and 60 Green/Pink split). Which one will you get?!

Surf Nazis Must Die - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Released by Strange Disc Records. Pressed on Blue & Silver swirl vinyl. Ltd to 200 worldwide.Pre-Order, ship in January. $27

Strange Disc Records proudly presents SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, the original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Jon McCallum.

The title alone was enough for schlock fans to go rifling through VHS bins in search of a rare ex-rental copy of this 1987 TROMA gem, and understandably it’s gone down in history as one of the B-movie world’s oddest movies. The film really does exactly what you’d hope – set in a post-apocalyptic future, neo-nazi surfer punks are running riot, and of course, a gun-toting grandma seeks to wipe them out after they kill her beloved grandson. Seriously.

Even if you’re not into this kind of thing (but we don’t believe that for a second), Jon McCallum’s synth-laced score is a thing of beauty and suits the post-apocalyptic setting of the film. Fans of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter’s scores will be at home on this record. McCallum is also the composer behind genre classics such as MIAMI CONNECTION (1987), TERROR EYES (1989) and SOUL TAKER (1990). Aside from his composing work he worked on the special effects for PHANTASM 2 and George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You,” music video.

The Dark Crystal - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Trevor Jones. Released by Enjoy The Ride Records / Enjoy The Toons Records. Pressed on colored vinyl, with a 24-page booklet. Ships in January 2017. $27

In celebration of the 35th Anniversary of THE DARK CRYSTAL, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available courtesy of The Jim Henson Company and Enjoy the Toons Records. This Deluxe 35th Anniversary Edition is pressed on 180-200 gram limited edition colored vinyl housed in a 400gsm gatefold jacket. It also includes a 24-page photo booklet, which includes rarely seen production photos, interviews, original poster art from around the world, and concept art from The Jim Henson Company archives.

Men in Black - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP.
Music by Danny Elfman. Released by Enjoy The Ride / Enjoy The Toons Records. Pressed on Grey Vinyl with Splatter. Ships in January 2017. $27

The 20th Anniversary vinyl pressing of Danny Elfman's 1997 score to MEN IN BLACK, the cult classic sci-fi action comedy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to the film and was named Academy-Award nominee for Best Original Score in 1997. Pressed on Grey vinyl with splatter.

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