Mondo Vinyl: DRIVE LP On Sale Info!


Wow. We sold out of the entire edition of DRIVE in under 30 minutes. Thank you so much for making our record label such an enormous success. If you missed out on the record, please do not send us angry e-mails. There is still hope. There will be a exclusive Picture Disc version of this LP on RECORD STORE DAY (Record Stores only, obviously) AND this regular edition will be in record stores sometime later this spring (We will announce the Street Date once it is confirmed).

Just to clarify, these will be part of the same pressing. Once those copies are gone, they will be gone for good. This is NOT a second pressing.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.

On March 5th of 2012, on this very blog, we boldly promised you 2XLP of DRIVE with artwork by Tyler Stout to be released in June of 2012. Man, were we way off.

But here we are, a little over a year after that blog post, and I can finally show you pictures of the finshed product and tell you with complete confidence that these are going on sale tomorrow, March 22nd, 2013 at a random time.

A few notes regarding DRIVE that will also fill you in on how we are progressing in the shipping department these days, post-SXSW.

Like with all of our previous releases, the record comes standard in BLACK, but there is a randomly inserted variant (PINK) vinyl. We cannot take requests for PINK copies. Apologies for that in advance.

Unlike with posters, there are NO limits on how many LP’s you can buy.

We still have a few copies here at the gallery. If you are local, come pick one up so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Also, while the DRIVE LP’s will go on sale tomorrow, they likely will not ship until the first week of April. We are just getting started on shipping the OSCAR night prints. After that we have GAME OF THRONES, and somewhere during all that madness we will begin shipping the records.

And now, here’s that DRIVE vinyl we were talking about…

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Track List:
01. Nightcall
02. Under Your Spell
03. A Real Hero
04. Oh My Love
05. Tick of the Clock
06. Rubber Head
07. I Drive
08. He Had A Good Time
09. They Broke His Pelvis
10. Kick Your Teeth
11. Where’s the Deluxe Version
12. See You in Four
13. After the Chase
14. Hammer
15. Wrong Floor
16. Skull Crushing
17. My Name on a Car
18. On the Beach
19. Bride of Deluxe

This vinyl will be on sale tomorrow, March 22, at a random time HERE. Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

As always, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] if you have any questions about this release.

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