Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone who came and said hello last week at Texas Frightmare Weekend. It was a blast to see you all and we can't wait for next year!

As premiered at Texas Frightmare Weekend, we're excited to release A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET as a standalone single LP release in two colorways (an Online Exclusive version, as well as the remaining copies of the TFW edition) and the TFW version of EVIL DEAD - A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED.

We are also thrilled have copies of the all new book Blood On Black Wax from our friends at 1984 Publishing, and two new releases from our friends at Burning Witches Records and Cadabra Records.

As usual, new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT) via


A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Charles Bernstein. Artwork by Mike Saputo. Available on two color ways: Texas Frightmare Edition pressed on Red with Green Splatter (limited to 500 copies) and Mondo online exclusive pressed on Freddy’s Sweater vinyl (Red and Green Stripe). Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $30

Charles Berstein’s score to the 1984 horror A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is not only a classic of the genre bit also one of the most memorable scores of the 1980s. A mix of creepy synths, off-kilter nursery rhymes and heavy rhythmic percussion filtered with just enough distortion to offer up a real sense of dread. We are thrilled to be releasing Wes Craven’s original nightmare as a standalone release (Box Of Souls our 8LP box set is still available). This score is sure to give you nightmares, just remember whatever you do…don’t fall asleep.

Texas Frightmare Edition

Online Exclusive

THE EVIL DEAD - A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED. Music Composed by Joe LoDuca. Original Artwork by Graham Humphreys. Pressed on 2X 180 Book Of The Dead vinyl. Necromonicon booklet featuring liner notes from Joe LoDuca, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert. Texas Frightmare Edition - limited to 500 copies. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $35

One of the most legendary horror scores ever recorded gets re-invented for 2018. Joe LoDuca went back to the drawing board to fully re-record and expand his original score to THE EVIL DEAD with absolutely terrifying results. The record you hold in your hands manages to keep the essence and familiarity of the original score yet feels completely new and exciting due to the addition of all new music combining the classic and the contemporary. The artwork (by original EVIL DEAD artist Graham Humphreys) also combines the original visceral rawness with an incredible eye for detail and a painterly touch that comes from being a leader in the poster industry since 1981.


Blood on Black Wax Book - Record Store Day Edition. Signed by the authors complete with an exclusive, Red-Colored 7-inch with never-before-released music from the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis horror film PROM NIGHT. 7-inch contains the tracks “Prom Night” and “Love Me Till I Die,” plus two score cues and vinyl sleeve artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $40

Are you obsessed with John Carpenter’s iconic music for the HALLOWEEN series? Do you thrill to the unforgettable stabs of Bernard Herrmann’s PSYCHO score, or the pounding synth of Goblin’s soundtrack to SUSPIRIA? Do you find yourself being pulled into the hair-raising modern scores for the likes of GET OUT, HEREDITARY, and THE WITCH? You’re not alone.

Blood on Black Wax is a defining horror soundtrack volume that spotlights iconic franchises such as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FRIDAY THE 13TH, JAWS, THE EXORCIST, and George A. Romero’s DEAD films, highlighting both the music and the amazing, often rare, artwork that graces the record sleeves. It also tells the stories behind the soundtrack, from the mouths of the musicians who made them, including John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Christopher Young, Harry Manfredini, Charles Bernstein, Pino Donaggio, John Harrison, Denny Zeitlin, and more.

SOEURS DE GLISSE by Daniel Davies. Burning Witches Records. Limited edition "Belgian flag" Splattered vinyl. Limited to 400 copies. Heavyweight sleeve with artwork design by KidEthic. Includes insert print and download card. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $27

In a follow up to last year's EVENTS Score and HALLOWEEN (2018) original soundtrack comes the original motion picture soundtrack to the Belgian documentary SOEURS DE GLISSE. Perhaps best known for his role as a collaborator and co-writer on horror-auteur John Carpenter’s recent Lost Themes and Anthology albums (as well as a pillar of his live band’s subsequent tours), Daniel Davies has crafted the Paralympians journey from training to deep reflection after the event in a truly beautiful score using the musician’s distinct talent for wringing modernistic soundscapes from vintage synths.

Thomas De Quincey, Suspiria De Profundis: Levana And Our Ladies Of Sorrow. Cadabra Records. 7” - Mondo Exclusive. Limited to 200 copies only. Pressed on Natural White vinyl. Expected to Ship in June 2019. Ships Worldwide. $16

Thomas De Quincey’s Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow is the original poem that inspired the Dario Argento's masterpiece SUSPIRIA (1980), as well as INFERNO & MOTHER OF TEARS. Now for the first time, the prose poem that inspired a legendary film series and one of horror’s greatest cinematic masterpieces is presented beautifully—in an abridged form—on vinyl, with a hypnotic score by Chris Bozzone and a beautiful read by actor Laurence R. Harvey (of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE films & THE EDITOR). As you listen, let Thomas De Quincey’s opium-fueled words wash over you and transport you through time and dimension, from early-19th century England into the surreal mind of Dario Argento…and whatever you do, beware of “Our Ladies of Sorrow!”



Vinyl box set featuring 8 LPs from the original series all remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin with incredible artwork from Mike Saputo and a 12-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes and interviews with key composers and cast members. $250

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