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Music Weekly: REVENGE OST, Campfire Creepers + Dist. Titles!

Hey everyone - we have an absolutely epic newsletter for you this week! This Wednesday we'll have TWO killer releases from ROB (MANIAC) on Death Waltz, along with a bunch of exclusive distributed titles from One Way Static, Le Matos, Burning Witches, Data Discs and Strange Disc Records.

We are thrilled to be working with ROB again on not one, but two new releases: the Oculus Rift VR game CAMPFIRE CREEPERS, and the absolutely white hot REVENGE (release on VOD and in theaters this Friday by NEON and coming soon to Shudder). Both releases are available on vinyl and all digital platforms, and the vinyl for each release comes complete with a download card.

As usual, new releases go on sale at NOON (CT) on Wednesdays at And in case you missed it, Data Discs' SPACE HARRIER is available now on our site!

REVENGE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP.
Music by ROB. Original Artwork by Sara Deck. Pressed on 180 Gram Blood Splatter Sand vinyl and housed inside a gatefold 425gsm jacket complete with a download card of the entire album. Limited to 1,000 Copies. Expected to Ship Mid-May 2018. $25

Debut director Coralie Fargeat announces her stunning arrival, painting a crimson canvas of hypnotic beauty and bloody retribution in this razor-sharp feminist subversion of the revenge-thriller.

Jen (fearlessly embodied by Matilda Lutz, RINGS) is enjoying a romantic getaway with her wealthy boyfriend which is suddenly disrupted when his sleazy friends arrive for an unannounced hunting trip. Tension mounts in the house until the situation abruptly –– and viciously –– intensifies, culminating in a shocking act that leaves Jen left for dead. Unfortunately for her assailants, Jen survives and re-emerges with a relentless, wrathful intent: revenge.

A white-knuckle tale of transgression and transformation, REVENGE gloriously blurs the lines of vengeance and survival while simultaneously delivering a ferocious dissection of gender and genre.

The score by ROB (MANIAC, HORNS, Campfire Creepers) is an equally intense tour de force mixing traditional horror-synth tropes alongside techno, brooding ambience and an almost industrial style assault on your senses. He manages to deliver something that is brutal yet beautiful, unsettling yet melodic and ultimately masterful that proves he is working on a different level to almost every composer using synthesis today.

Available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms now.

. 10-Inch EP. Pressed on 180 Gram Campfire Flame (orange and red) vinyl. Complete with a download card of the entire record. Limited to 1,000 copies. Expected to Ship Mid-May 2018. $15

From master of horror Alexandre Aja, the director of films such as THE HILLS HAVE EYES, PIRANHA, and HORNS, comes an original anthology series that brings classic campfire stories to life in stunning virtual reality. Produced by Oculus and Future Lighthouse, CAMPFIRE CREEPERS invites viewers to join the fire circle at a summer camp, called Camp Coyote, as a group of kids take turns telling spooky tales. Inspired by cult-classics like CREEPSHOWand TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

The score by ROB carries on the incredible work he started on MANIAC, loading the soundtrack with super heavy synths, grinding beats and tons of melodies. It really does feel like a sister piece to MANIAC but reveals a more playful side to ROB on tracks such as ‘Terror Woods’ which sounds like prime Danny Elfman.

You can play CAMPFIRE CREEPERS on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR now.

Available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms now.


Distributed Titles
La Vie Electronique 1.2 - Klaus Schulz. Released by One Way Static Records. Mondo Exclusive Pre-order. Available in Mondo exclusive white vinyl. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. $28

Klaus Schulze is a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician that needs very little introduction. In the late '60s & early '70s he was a member of several iconic bands such as ‘Tangerine Dream,’ ‘The Cosmic Jokers’ and ‘Ash Ra Tempel’ before launching a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums released across five decades. In 2009, producer Klaus D. Mueller and Schulze began releasing La Vie Electronique (The Electronic Life), a series of sets that collected rare sought-after early works and unreleased tracks put in chronological sequence. These sets contain some of the best music Klaus ever created and are early '70s masterworks that will appeal to both fans and collectors. Now available for the first time on vinyl, One Way Static Records presents the third volume in our new archival series ‘La Vie Electronique.’ This volume (1.2) focuses on the years 1970-1972 and is spread over two glorious LP’s containing 77+ minutes of Klaus Shulze rarities. This deluxe vinyl set also comes with an insert containing extensive liner notes.

Distributed Titles
The Communion
by Various Artists. Released byBurning Witches Records. Pressed on black and purple vinyl. Includes a download card and 12×12 insert. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. $25

Burning Witches Records raises a call to Communion. A showcase of exclusive tracks for a synth-heavy/electronic/soundtrack compilation of new and leading electronic artists including Deadly Avenger, Timothy Fife, Graham Reznick, Worriedaboutstan and more.

“A belting collection of soundtrack goodness from the ever-excellent Burning Witches.” – Electronic Sound Magazine

Distributed Titles
GANJA & HESS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Released byStrange Disc Records. Curated and supervised by composer Sam Waymon. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. $25

Strange Disc Records proudly presents the original soundtrack to a groundbreaking film, GANJA & HESS (1973). A seminal work of African-American cinema, flirting with the conventions of Blaxploitation and Horror genres, the soundtrack to this exceptional film was composed Sam Waymon, a creative legend who has contributed to local, national and world culture. Born in North Carolina, Sam Waymon began his musical odyssey playing along with his sister, Eunice. His sister left North Carolina in the '50s and traveled north to pursue her career. Along the way she dropped her given name and became one of music’s most influential and independent musicians, known as Nina Simone.

Sam performed with and wrote music for his sister for over 10 years but finally broke away to develop a style of his own that combines Gospel, R&B, Blues and Jazz. Even more haunting than the film is it's music, Sam Waymon created an innovative, ahead-of-its-time mixture of Soul, tribal chants, Gospel and trippy, dissonant experimental cues that makes for the strangest score for a vampire film.

Now, for the first time on vinyl (or on any format) Strange Disc Records proudly presents a deluxe color vinyl edition (with insert containing exclusive liner notes & rare photographic materials) exclusively for Record Store Day 2018.

Distributed Titles
Spielt Mozart by Florian Fricke. Released byOne Way Static Records. Limited to 1,000 copies. $28

Florian Fricke (1944 – 2001) was a German music pioneer who started his career in electronic music using the Moog synthesizer within the famous Krautrock group ‘Popol Vuh.’ His recordings left an indelible mark on German electronic music. However, he later significantly gave his Moog to fellow German musician Klaus Schulze and largely renounced electronic music in favor of often-acoustic tones. Besides working on his own music, Fricke collaborated with many German musicians and bands like Tangerine Dream & Amon Düül.

Over the course of his career Florian put out countless Popol Vuh albums and two solo albums, the first one being ‘Die Erde und ich sind Eins’ (1983) and in 1991 he recorded an intimate album of Mozart compositions.

Fricke plays a beautiful selection of his favorite Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart allegros and adagios on ‘Spielt Mozart’ (plays Mozart). A very personal album for Florian, it was released as a tribute for the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death. Trying to achieve a deep inner-peace, Fricke looses himself completely in the vibrations and wonderful melodies. The result here is an honest interpretation without pretence or hidden motives, a tribute from one composer to another, almost like a dialogue between the two.

Now, for the first time on vinyl One Way Static Records proudly presents a deluxe double vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018.

Distributed Titles
Coming Soon 2007-2011 by Le Matos. AMondo exclusive release by Return To Analog Records. Two versions available: one is deluxe random -colored vinyl version and limited to 500 numbered copies complete with a Marie Bergeron 12 x 12 variant cover print priced at $30, the other is a double black vinyl edition also limited to 500 priced at $25.

Before "Turbo Kid" and before "Join Us," there was "Coming Soon 2007-2011." This double vinyl contains 11 early tracks that fill the void in the logical progression towards their instantly identifiable classic retro wave sound!


SPACE HARRIER - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP. Released by Data Disc Records. Re-mastered and pressed on 180 Gram vinyl at 45RPM. Features the complete 1985 arcade score, along with a bonus arranged version of the main theme by SEGA’s in-house live band (S.S.T. Band). Also included are new and exclusive liner notes written by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and a lithographic print of the original artwork from the Japanese archives. Available on translucent green or black vinyl. Note: This item is a pre-order. All orders containing this item will not ship until mid-June 2018. $27

The complete music from the 1985 arcade classic, newly re-mastered and released on vinyl for the first time outside of Japan. SPACE HARRIERis perhaps most memorable for its lengthy and melodic opening theme, in which SEGA’s renowned in-house composer, Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi (OUTRUN, AFTER BURNER), armed with a Yamaha DX-7 and the most minimal of resources, sought to recreate the sound of a full band playing a complete song. In doing so, he defied the technological constraints of the time and inspired a generation of game composers, including Yuzo Koshiro (STREETS OF RAGE), who has since cited SPACE HARRIER as a defining early influence. Looking beyond it's iconic main theme however, SPACE HARRIER also shows Hiro playing with a range of sounds and styles, from infectious loops and jaunty battle themes, to the doom-sounding and surprisingly bass-heavy WIWI JUMBO.

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