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For this past summer's Record Store Day, we were proud to offer THE RENTALS Present: THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY SOUNDTRACK, Performed and Recorded by MATT SHARP and NICK ZINNER. For those who missed it then, we are excited to put the limited remaining copies on our site right now, as well as a black vinyl pressing.

It is an instrumental score inspired by THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY RADIO SHOW, featuring Zinner’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) trademark shimmering guitars over quiet synthetic soundscapes from Sharp. (If you want to take a listen to this soundtrack, you can check it out here.)

From the moment we first talked to Matt, it was apparent we had found a kindred spirit, and we were insanely excited to collaborate with him on this unique record.

Once we decided to bring Henry Abrams on board, to create the artwork for the project, it was a marriage made in heaven with all parties. The result is an intense, beguiling and darkly beautiful record.

This is what Matt had to say about the whole process: "THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY SOUNDTRACK was inspired by the empty hours of my youth, driving from coast to coast, across the barren plains of America, listening to the faint crackling signal of paranormal talk radio sharing supernatural stories deep into the countless, faceless nights.

"In 2022, those fantastical late-night tales of apparitions and alien abduction can best be heard on Midnight.FM, with host Tim Weisberg. Like THE TWILIGHT ZONE before it, Mr. Weisberg explores a dimension beyond light and shadow, beyond science and superstition.

"This album is our attempt at being the soundtrack of that exploration. Each individual arrangement centers around the interstellar expanse of Nick’s guitars and is further enhanced by the haunting artwork of acclaimed illustrator, Henry Abrams’ dark imagination. The title of each track represents the location of an infamous paranormal event, from the close encounter in Hopkinsville to all the endless mysteries at Skinwalker Ranch. THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY SOUNDTRACK humbly aims to embody that spirit."

This wonderful project is available here. Happy Halloween. (Keep your eyes peeled to the night sky for maybe another release tonight.)

THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY SOUNDTRACK. Music by Nick Zinner and Matt Sharp. Artwork by Henry Abrams. Pressed on black vinyl, as well as a US and UK exclusive RSD colorways. $30

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