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Dead Calm & Zero Degrees

Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is the fourth Hunter Complex album to date and the twin record to Open Sea, which was released in January 2019 on Death Waltz Originals. The tracks on Dead Calm and Zero Degrees share the same DNA; they originated around the same time and are thematically linked to the tracks on Open Sea. Closing track "Star Crash" ends with the melody and rain of "Night City", the opening track of Open Sea.
Composer Hunter Complex
Label Burning Witches
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1. Dead Calm

2. Bitter Cold

3. Steel Dynamics

4. Blue Tornado

5. Hot Streets

6. We Fly At Dawn

7. Fragile Flyers

8. June Gloom

9. Riptide

10. Star Crash

Dead Calm & Zero Degrees
Dead Calm & Zero Degrees

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