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Glass Angles by Graham Reznick (Death Waltz Originals)

Glass Angles by Graham Reznick (Death Waltz Originals)

Glass Angles is the debut LP from Graham Reznick on Death Waltz Originals. Reznick is a name you may not know, but you have certainly seen and heard this prolific artist's work over the past ten years. Reznick acted as sound designer on House Of The Devil & Innkeepers, as well as co-writer of the video game horror hit Until Dawn.

For his first solo LP he has used his home town of Los Angeles as his muse; lush electronic soundscapes buzz under neon soaked streets, providing a warm, hazy record that shimmers with positivity. The record is split between rousing electronic bangers and more calm, contemplative tracks. Glass Angles is the perfect late night listen, whether you are crying in the car or relaxing on your sofa.

Pressed on red and blue vinyl.

Composer Graham Reznick
Labels Death Waltz Originals Death Waltz Recording Co
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