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Unmatched: Deadpool

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Unmatched is a miniatures dueling game featuring fighters of all kinds – from the page to the screen to the stuff of legends. Each hero has a unique deck of cards that fits their fighting style. You can mix and match fighters from any Unmatched set. But remember, in the end, there can only be one winner.
"Attack early, often, not at all, or maybe when the moment is right. Get in, get out. Get in again. You gonna finish that?"
Note: Deadpool is a single-hero expansion to be used with any existing Unmatched full set.

Check out the Entire Unmatched Collection including all base set options.

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Designers Brad AndresBrian NeffJustin D. JacobsonNoah CohenRob DaviauTim Wiesch
Artists Jason TaylorLindsay Daviau
Property Deadpool
Expected to ship in July 2021. Please note that items will be shipped together once all items in the order are in-hand and ready to ship, including pre-order products. Have questions? Please review our FAQs.


Product information
Age rating 14+
Players 2 - 4
Playing time 20-40 mins

Product includes

  • 31 Action cards
  • 1 Hero Miniature
  • 1 Health dial
Unmatched: Deadpool
Unmatched: Deadpool
Unmatched: Deadpool
Unmatched: Deadpool

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