FLCL Progressive / Alternative Original Soundtrack 2XLP


FLCLProgressive andFLCLAlternative are the sequel series to the cult anime classicFLCL. Produced by the studios Production I.G. andGAINAX, theFLCLseries have become beloved outside of Japan for their unique animation style, robust action sequences, offbeat style, and unforgettable soundtracks. The music toFLCLProgressive andFLCLAlternative was composed and performed by the Japanese alternative rock band the pillows. The pillows work on the originalFLCLseries introduced them to audiences in the west, and their original compositions for the show remain among their most popular.

ForFLCLProgressive andFLCLAlternative, the pillows have again created a rock dynamo featuring new songs including “Spiky Seeds” and “Thank You, My Twilight”. Reworked songs originally composed forFLCL, including “LITTLE BUSTERS” and “I Think I Can” are also featured inFLCLProgressive and FLCL Alternative. This LP release includes 14 tracks by the pillows pressed on a Yellow and Blue vinyl discs, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring artwork of the Medical Mechanica "irons".

Composer the pillows
Label Milan
Property FLCL
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