For You and Me by Popol Vuh

For You and Me by Popol Vuh

Black & Clear swirl vinyl ltd to 300 copies worldwide.

Out of print since 1991 and never released on vinyl outside of Europe, Popol Vuh's For You and Me is now available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe vinyl edition.

Pressed on colored vinyl and strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide (black & clear swirl vinyl), For You And Me was the band's 17th album (!) and now - 28 years later - holds up more than ever. While decidedly new age and world music in sound, this album has style and grace, and the updated sonic quality makes it a pleasure to listen to. The light pieces combined with their timeless dramatic signature sound, the majestic piano chords, the profound lyrics and the crescendos of emotions set this album apart from the banal new age mainstream. The authentic Popul Vuh spirituality permeates on every track here; prepare for goose bumps and a divine moment. In For You and Me, they created a modern day classic, easily their best album of the '90s.

Composer Popol Vuh
Label One Way Static
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