Steven Universe – Rainbow Quartz Poster by Jack Hughes

Steven Universe – Rainbow Quartz Poster by Jack Hughes

Hand numbered giclée print.

Artist Jack Hughes
Property Steven Universe
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"I was late to the STEVEN UNIVERSE party, but as a queer person who cites Princess Bubblegum and Lisa Simpson as two of his favorite fictional cartoon characters, I took to it like a Steven to fry bits. For me, the beauty of the show lies in its delicate handling of its characters — portraying both their strengths and weaknesses in equal measure.

"I immediately took a shining to Pearl, seeing much of herself in me — a perfectionist, graceful in everything she does yet emotionally crippled and a neurotic mess. You can imagine my face when I saw her fuse with Amethyst for the first time to create Opal — the awe-inspiring ‘giant woman’. Often in times of such inspiration I can’t help but turn to my craft and thus Opal was born, reimagined in my style and created out of adoration of Rebecca Sugar. Sardonyx and Rainbow Quartz shortly followed and I never stopped feeling thankful and honored to have been a part of such a wonderful (and personal) project!" —Jack Hughes

Product information
Edition size 175
Height 16"
Printer Static Medium
Print type Giclée
Width 12"

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