Birth.Movies.Death. PIXAR Issue


Thirteen years after Nemo got lost Pixar returns to the oceans for another undersea adventure with FINDING DORY. What better time to look at the vast, cinema-changing history and legacy of Pixar Animation Studios?

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An entire generation has come of age with the Pixar universe, and the latest issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. magazine brings a smart, appreciative eye to these family films that speak to everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent.

We trace the history of Pixar from a bunch of nerds who believed that computer animation was the future to becoming a bunch of accomplished storytellers who proved it; we examine the mature themes of loss in UP; we turn our attention to the somber warnings of WALL-E; we look at what it's like to grow up with the TOY STORY movies, and it's all wrapped around an extensive, exclusive interview with DORY director Andrew Stanton talking about the history of Pixar and how hard it is to keep that culture alive.

Birth.Movies.Death. PIXAR Issue
Birth.Movies.Death. PIXAR Issue

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