Hold on to your butts! The Alamo Drafthouse and Birth.Movies.Death. are celebrating the release of JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM with a gorgeous new collectible magazine.

Featuring an exclusive Mondo cover by artist Dan McCarthy, a gorgeous spread featuring some of Mondo’s most stunning JURASSIC PARK posters, and a brand-new collection of in-depth essays dedicated to our favorite characters, set pieces and kills, this is a must-own for any true-blue dino lover.

This issue also includes:
- An exclusive interview with JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM director J.A. Bayona!
- A look back at JURASSIC PARK’s video game history!
- An exclusive look at Mondo’s forthcoming JURASSIC PARK: THE CHAOS GENE board game!
- Essays dedicated to your favorite JURASSIC PARK characters!
- A deep dive into the JURASSIC PARK franchise’s best dino kills!
- And much, much more!

Property Jurassic Park
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