Blue Sunshine VHS

Blue Sunshine VHS

Jerry Zipkin is a nice guy. He graduated top of his class. He's respectful of women. He's in love. It seems like Zipkin's got it made, until the night one of his friends loses his hair to spontaneous alopecia totalus, freaks out and throws three innocent women into a fireplace. Now Zipkin's on the run from the law, wrongfully accused, trying to prove his innocence. It turns out others are going bald and going on murderous rampages. It's up to Zipkin to find the missing link. It turns out they all have one thing in common, and that one thing is called BLUE SUNSHINE.

Packaging artwork by Jay Shaw. Limited to 400 copies with randomly inserted blue cassette

Property Blue Sunshine
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Product information
Director Jeff Lieberman
Runtime 90 minutes
Year 1978

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