Castle in the Sky – Symphony Version LP

Castle in the Sky – Symphony Version LP

Studio Ghibli have reissued a few of their most essential soundtracks by composer Joe Hisaishi. Available on Vinyl in time for the first time in over 30 years.

Produced by Joe Hisaishi, this version of CASTLE IN THE SKY (LAPUTA) is a Symphonic version of the "Image Album" performed by an orchestra of 60 players (the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra) Conducted by Katsuaki Nakatani.

Composer Joe Hisaishi
Label Studio Ghibli Records
Property Castle in the Sky
Sold Out
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Side A

  1. Prologue – Encounter
  2. Gran’ma Dola
  3. Aerial walk
  4. Gondoa (embraced by my mother)

Side B

  1. Great Legend
  2. Great act
  3. Mining town
  4. Time (when) castle

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