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Demon City Shinjuku 2XLP

Distributed title
Composer Motokazu Shinoda
Label Tiger Lab
Property Demon City Shinjuku
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Product information
Mastered by GZ Media
Pressed at Memphis Record Pressing
Rpm 33 ⅓
Vinyl color Shinjuku Twilight

Tiger Lab Vinyl is proud to present the full score to the classic 80s anime, DEMON CITY SHINJUKU by Motokazu Shinoda. This is the first time the score is available in any format.

DEMON CITY SHINJUKU was a staple for anime newbies during the Japanamiation era. This OVA aired weekly during the Sci-Fi channel’s Saturday Anime feature in the 90s, and became a classic gateway film for anime and horror fans alike.

Until now, the score has been stored--unreleased--in the Japan Home Video archives. Tiger Lab Vinyl worked with Japan Home Video to bring Mr. Shinoda’s beautiful synth score to the public. Remastered for vinyl, this is the first time the score, along with all its cues in entirety, can be heard.


Side. A - Original OVA Score
1. Theme of Kyoya/京也のテーマ
2. Theme of Demon city/魔界都市のテーマ
3. Main theme of Demon city/魔界都市メインテーマ
4. Theme of old man Ray/ライ老師のテーマ
5. Theme of Ashura/ASHURAのテーマ
6. Theme of Kyoya、Main theme、Ending
7. Sayaka/サヤカ フルバージョン
8. Theme of Lar/ラーのテーマ
9. Any other goblins/魔物BARA
10. MUSIC5_M-9A
11. Demon City Shinjuku SFX Suite

12. Music1 M1B
13. Music1 M1D
14. Music1 M2B
15. Music2 M2C
16. Music2 M2D
17. Music2 M2E
18. Music2 M2F

19. Music3 M6A
20. Music3 M6B
21. Music4 M7B
22. Music4 M7C
23. Music4 M8B
24. Music4 M8C
25. Music5 M9B
26. Music5 M9C
27. Music5 M9D

28. Music5 M10A
29. Music5 M10B
30. Music5 M10C
31. Music5 M10D
32. Music5 M10E
33. Music5 M10F
34. Music5 M10G
35. Music5 M10H
36. Music5 M10I
37. Music5 M10J
38. Music5 M10K
39. Music5 M10L

Demon City Shinjuku 2XLP
Demon City Shinjuku 2XLP

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