Film Reel Patent T-Shirt


Digital vs. film. Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD. VHS vs. Betamax. Format wars have been a part of film history since the very beginning – the very, very beginning, in fact.

The 4-perforation 35mm standard we know today developed only after a bloody fight between Thomas Edison, William Dickson (one of Edison’s inventors who left to form Biograph), the Lumiere Brothers in France, and many others. Michael Delaney’s patent #US1144693 for a spring-loaded, self-rewinding film reel – shown here – was beautiful and elegant, but alas, did not survive the original format wars.

Printed on 100% cotton Next Level 3600 and 3900 black tees with printed interior label. Available in unisex sizes S-3XL and women's sizes S-2XL.

This item is custom made and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.

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