The Tom Green Show LP

The Tom Green Show LP
Composer Tom Green
Label Ship to Shore PhonoCo.
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Vinyl color Green Vinyl


Tom Green -- prankster, provaocateur, pundit -- has a lot on his mind, and this bracing, inventive album lays it all out. Marking Tom's vinyl debut, The Tom Green Show is a dazzling pastiche of social and political commentary, autobiography and general Tom-foolery, it mixes hip-hop, punk rock, goth rock, confessional folk, electronica and signature novelty tunes into a heady stew spiced with samples from Green's TV shows, movies and stand up comedy routines. Listen and enjoy this amazing work from the one and only Tom Green! This is The Tom Green Show. 


"Thank you for listening to my album. I made this record myself. And I had fun doing it. As a teenager, I became fascinated by rap and electronic music. I spent my summers mowing lawns and working shitty jobs just to scrape up enough money to buy a used drum machine and, eventually, an Akai s-950 sampler and an Atari 520st computer to sequence my beats. I began “digging in the crates” through the vast collection of vinyl at the community radio station where I volunteered. And I started sampling and looping old funk and R&B and jazz breaks from musical legends of the 1970s. I would take the looped beats and bass-lines and drop raps over them in my home studio. Most of my friends would come to my house and have no idea what the hell I was doing. 

Flash forward three decades. I never stopped making music, but a few years ago, I decided to start recording again on a more regular basis. This is my first release on vinyl since 1992. I would like you to know that every sound was carefully considered by me. I funneled the drums or bass or guitar noise through a mess of cables and compressors in my own recording studio that I built in Los Angeles. The album includes some audio clips from my recent stand-up comedy, some from the original "Tom Green Show," and, of course, some funny songs and some sincere ones. I hope you enjoy it.

Please follow me on social media and at, and we can discuss this recording together. Your support over the years means everything to me. I am always touring all over the world and will probably be performing in a city near you, so please come see me and say hello! And if you are reading this, YOU ROCK!” - Tom



1. The Tom Green Show - Theme Song

2. Acoustic Intro

3. Philly Stand-Up EDM

4. Purple Whiskey Bag

5. Live With Dignity

6. You Painted the Car?

7. None of Your Business

8. Hip Hop Woman

9. Crack Baby Don't Come Back

10. Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage?

11. Far 2 Young 2 Die

12. Hot Rhymes

13. Cell Phone Addict

14. Away We Go

15. The Salmon Song


1. Park Bench Old Lady

2. I Wanna Be Friends With Drake

3. The Mustard Inspector

4. It Takes Balls (To Rule the World)

5. Testicular Cancer Speech

6. Hey Kids, Feel Your Balls

7. Another Lie

8. Plastic Bag

9. The Bum Bum Song (Lonely Swedish)