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Timothy Fife - Transcommunication LP

Distributed title
Composer Timothy Fife
Artist Tom Mcdowell
Label Library of the Occult
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Product information
Edition size 300
Packaging details Single pocket jacket with obi strip
Rpm 33
Vinyl color Turquoise with Green Marble
Vinyl weight 180

Transcommunication with parallel dimensions best suited for seances rituals or esoteric ceremonies. Inspired by the Raudive Diode and the works of early electronic artists who dealt with occultism. Exploring the paranormal and connecting just beyond the veil, Timothy Fife opens doors we may never see closed again. With electronic incantations and circuital spells, Fife opens portals to the other side. A soundtrack for spectral traveling and the curious occultist.

Timothy Fife - Transcommunication LP

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