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WolfWalkers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

WolfWalkers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
Composers Bruno CoulaisKíla & Aurora
Label 22D Music
Property WolfWalkers
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Product information
Packaging details Single pocket jacket
Rpm 33
Vinyl color Orange
Vinyl weight 180

"The score for Wolfwalkers is by French composer Bruno Coulais, who also scored both The Book of Kells and Song of the Sea. Coulais is an interesting composer, with a lovely lyrical style and a special affinity for voices in his scores but, despite receiving a Best Song Oscar nomination for The Chorus in 2005, he hasn’t really made much of an impression in English-speaking cinema, where his most well-known work remains the 2009 animated film Coraline. Wolfwalkers – like The Book of Kells and Song of the Sea before it – could change all that, if enough people take the time to actually seek it out and listen, because it’s just superb: a mystical, enchanting adventure that blends contemporary orchestrations with lush Celtic influences, and several beautiful original songs. To capture the essence of ancient Ireland, Coulais again collaborated with the Dublin-based folk group Kíla, whose iconic sound lends the whole score a genuine authenticity.

Wolfwalkers is a really lovely score, one of the best works for an animated film in 2020. With this score Bruno Coulais has completed a superb trilogy of Irish flavored scores that really should be more popular and well-known than they are." Jonathan Broxton,


A1. WolfWalkers Theme

A2. Wolves

A3. Running with the Wolves (WolfWalkers Version)

A4. Mechanical

A5. Wolf or Girl

A6. I’m a WolfWalker

A7. Howls the Wolf (Moll’s Song - Wolf Run Free)

A8. Our Forest


B1. What Are You Doing Here?

B2. This Is Intolerable

B3. Please Mummy

B4. My Little Wolf

B5. Our Victory

B6. Follow Me

B7. Mébh’s Tune

B8. Robyn’s Tune

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