You're Next – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to extend an invitation to the bloodiest family reunion you'll ever attend with the fierce score to the terrifying horror hit You're Next. Composed as a group effort by Kyle McKinnon, Jasper Justice Lee, Mads Heldtberg, and director Adam Wingard, You're Next is a home invasion story with a twist. The music is intense, and we're not just talking the Dwight Twilley Band's seventies classic 'Looking For The Magic' (featured on this LP). The score gets under your skin fast, with ambient eerie textures causing maximum discomfort with minimum effort. The record owes a lot to 80s industrial acts such as Throbbing Gristle and Skinny Puppy; it has a super moody feel with absolutely crushing synth work. Disturbing and unsettling in equal measure.

This is the premiere release of this soundtrack. Never before available in any format, the album has been compiled from original source material under the supervision of the composers and filmmakers. Featuring liner notes by star AJ Bowen and pressed on 180 Gram colored vinyl.

Pressed on 180 Gram Bloody Bedsheets colored vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies.

Composers Adam WingardVarious Artists
Property You're Next
Sold Out

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