Originals: A Fine Art Show

We're doing something unprecedented for our next event, “Originals: A Fine Art Show.” Our gallery has celebrated Disney characters, Marvel superheroes, Universal Monsters, Game of Thrones, Cinematic Villains, Batman, and now we turn to the artists themselves for inspiration, unleashed to produce original works of art and screen prints with complete artistic freedom. “Originals: A Fine Art Show” will open on Friday, November 13 and run until Saturday, December 5 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.

We love movies, comics, TV and have equal passion for the artists that produce beautiful representations of the pop culture things they love. For this show we've set them loose to create anything they want with only one rule — no pop culture allowed. The result is one of the strongest lineups of artist our gallery has ever produced.

Centuries by Kilian Eng
17" x 24" Giclee Print

"We've become known for showcasing artistic interpretations of licensed properties, but we also want people to know that these same artists are sometimes even more exciting when they are presenting their own narrative. Our gallery will always be focused on films, TV, comics, etc, but that is all off limits this month," said Creative Director Mitch Putnam.

The show will feature dozens of original artwork and screen prints.

LaSalle by Jacob Van Loon
Watercolor, acrylic, and graphite on wood
14" x 18"

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