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Stan and Vince, both born in 1969 in France, crossed paths on the benches of Art School in Paris before ending up at a French comic book publisher. They truly begin their collaboration in 1993 with Vortex, an 11 issues comic book series. Aesthetically, this series perfectly reflects their taste and love for American culture, comics, science fiction and horror movies.

Sharing the same Parisian Studio, they deploy a production that seems limitless: they draw comics for the American publisher Dark Horse (The Shadow and Doc Savage, Tarzan…), and publish comic books in many French magazines. In parallel, they design the sets, preparatory sketches and storyboards for movies. They also designed and directed two short films, "Metal Brutal" (live action) and Minus (CGI Animation)

Since 2014 they started designing posters for Nautilus, Mondo, and other publishers.

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