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You may know Jock from the work he’s done with Mondo, but his career extends far beyond a 24”x36” poster. After getting his start in comics working at British magazine 2000 AD, he’s worked with DC / Vertigo on projects including The Losers, Scalped & Batman: The Black Mirror. He is currently illustrating the beautifully twisted & critically acclaimed new comic Wytches, written by Scott Snyder.

Additionally, Jock has done concept work on a number of films including Children of Men, Dredd, Batman Begins and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Most recently, he has been praised for his design work on the film Ex Machina, including his design for AI robot Ava. We’re absolutely thrilled to take a look back on Jock's career (thus far) and hear some stories from the man himself, beer in hand.

The Goonies

In 1985, Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg took us on an quest in search of One-Eye Willy's hidden treasure, with a rag-tag group of kids as our guide. With a perfect blend of adventure, laughs, quotable lines, and that unforgettable Cyndi Lauper tune, Goonies is quintessential 80s nostalgia that will hold up for generations to come. Join us for a screening of the film along with an awesome new poster included in the ticket price!

Panels & Screenings Schedule

Tickets for evening screenings - and RSVP spots for free daytime panels & screenings - will become available via Eventbrite at 12pm CST next Friday, September 11th. Here are some important things to know for securing a spot:

Tickets for evening screenings (The Goonies, Batman, Pieces) include a poster and/or vinyl, and are limited to the number of seats in the theater. When the screening sells out, that’s it!

For free daytime screenings & panels, 75% of the seats will be held for RSVPs, which will guarantee you a seat in the theater. If you are unable to secure an RSVP spot online next Friday, don’t worry! There will be a line outside the theater for the remaining 25% of seats, plus any no-show RSVP spots.

Both screening tickets & RSVPs will go online via Eventbrite at 12pm CST Friday, September 11th. Tickets to panels and screenings are non-transferrable. A MondoCon wristband and ticket are both required for entry. Identification will be required to match the name on the ticket. Follow us on Twitter for the sale/RSVP announcement.


11:00-11:50am - The Art of Toys & Collectibles
12:10-1:00pm - Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel
1:20-2:10pm - The Art of Jock
2:30-3:45pm - Vacvvm Artist Panel
4:00-6:30 - Toymasters Documentary Screening (and Q&A with filmmakers and William Stout)
7:00-9:20pm - Batman (1989) (Screening)
9:50pm-12:00am - The Goonies (Screening)


1:20-2:10pm - William Stout Career Retrospective
2:30-3:45pm - Mondo Talk
4:00-6:00pm - Black Swan (Screening)
7:00-9:00pm - TBA
9:30-11:30pm - Umberto 'Pieces' Live Score Event

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