MondoCon - News

We’re announcing the first bit of information about the convention…. for all who care about press releases, that is right here, but let’s just talk openly about the con. First, let’s get it out right now that we’re not trying to do our own version of San Diego Comic Con or Emerald City etc. at least in terms of size. We’ll probably have around 50-75 exhibitors at the convention (maybe more if we get some awesome responses on the MondoCon site!). We want to keep this manageable and fun (hopefully). There are a lot of mega conventions in the world and we're not trying to add to those. We can’t (and won’t) go bigger than them…. so we’re taking it in the opposite direction and making it smaller. We want to try and curate our selection and make the events we do special. Take Tim League and Fantastic Fest. Pretty much everything they do happens in one theater and a parking lot and they’re considered one of the best fests in the world. We’re hoping to take that same aesthetic and mindset and make MondoCon a place for you to see and do things you’ve never done before. We’ll be having panels. We’ll be having screenings. We’ll be having lots more guests and exclusives and announces coming up too, so stay tuned. We’re still planning, brainstorming and locking events down into place so I’m hoping we can have fun info continuously coming out from now until the day of the con (and probably a few more surprises once you guys are in the doors).

But this first list is special. At least to us, it is. We specifically picked these first 15 to show a sampling of what to expect from MondoCon. Not only will we have people that we’ve worked with before, but we’ll also have guys that we’ve been HUGE fans of showing up, too. We want you in the same room as Mike Mignola who is also in the same room as Richey Beckett who has a booth next to Geof Darrow, etc. Picture walking down that aisle and stopping at like every booth. That’s at least the idea and if you do or not is obviously up to you, but if we were to walk into a convention and these guys were all there, it’d be a day long event for me going around bugging everyone. The thing is that we’re 100% fans of everyone in this room. Some of the guests coming go to lots of conventions. Some guys don’t go to any. Most never make it to Austin, but over Fantastic Fest weekend, they’ll all be in one place. Oh! Did you guys notice that VIP Fantastic Fest badge holders get into MondoCon for free? Super excited about this as it was very important for us to find a way for Fantastic Fest and MondoCon to best work together and I’m hoping that by making it on the same weekend, we can make a fun community. Nerd Coachella or something? I dunno. Let's just get together and have fun and talk about stuff we like.

We’re excited. The guests are all excited, too. You’ll probably notice several of them starting to talk about attending soon. Closer to the event, when at all applicable, we’ll be putting a spotlight on any exclusives that exhibitors will be having like posters, records, etc. This first announce is a taste of a much bigger project in the making! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves on the way and of course, at MondoCon!

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