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Hello MondoCon attendees! The convention starts in just about a week and we're so excited to reveal our layout for the weekend. MondoCon is spread across two venues, AFS Cinema (formerly The Marchesa) and the Holiday Inn Convention Center, which are located across the street from each other.

The AFS Cinema is home to two exhibitor halls (Arsenio Hall and Anthony Michael Hall), the theater where all panels and screenings take place, and a bar serving up MondoCon beer & cocktails all weekend long. The Holiday Inn Convention Center houses our third exhibit hall (Annie) and the Mondo Store. See the layout below for full details!


We have gotten a lot of questions about procedures for lining up at MondoCon and our exciting new exhibit opening on Friday, October 21st entitled Home featuring new works by Jason Edmiston and Ken Taylor. Our goal with having a gallery exhibit the night before MondoCon is to allow all of our fans attending MondoCon the opportunity to experience both the gallery and the convention.

We understand that in your excitement to make the most out of the weekend and purchase one-of-a-kind or super limited products you may want to line up early for the Convention and/or the gallery show. This creates some unique challenges.

We've devised a system that will allow you to choose your own destiny while still being able to experience both events. If you would like to line up early to the gallery show you may do so as early as you like. This will ensure that you have the best chance at purchasing an original piece by Ken Taylor or Jason Edmiston. If you would prefer to line up early at either the AFS Cinema or the Holiday Inn Convention Center you can choose that as well. Starting at 5PM on Friday we will be issuing numbered line vouchers at the Holiday Inn and AFS Cinema that will allow you to leave your respective lines to attend the gallery exhibit while ensuring that your place in line is kept until 12AM (Midnight) Saturday. (Think Cinderella. At midnight your line pass turns into a pumpkin and you will be forced to rejoin the line at the end.)

Once you leave the Holiday Inn or AFS Cinema, you will join the end of the line at the Mondo Gallery; the number on your voucher will not matter for the gallery line. Once you're finished enjoying the gallery exhibit (it closes at 10PM), you can head back to the AFS Cinema or Holiday Inn. If you have a numbered voucher you can rejoin your place in line, or if you do not have a voucher you can get in line to get a voucher that will allow your spot to be held until midnight.

At midnight we will be checking passes and making sure everyone is lined up in order. From there the line will continue forming as normal (no more passes being issued) until the convention doors open on Saturday at 10AM.

We hope this will allow you to prioritize your experience as best as possible and give you the opportunity to enjoy as much of the weekend as you like! If you have any questions about this process please let us know by emailing [email protected].

You can check out a few FAQs below.

Are vouchers going to be labeled for a specific location?

Yes! Each voucher will have a location (AFS Cinema, Holiday Inn, Gallery) and a number.

How long will vouchers be given out?

We will begin distributing vouchers at 5PM until Midnight at AFS and Holiday Inn, and from 5PM until doors open at the exhibit at the gallery.

What happens if I lose my voucher before getting back in line at AFS or Holiday Inn?

Keep it safe! If your voucher is lost before getting back in line at AFS Cinema or Holiday Inn, unfortunately you'll have to take a place at the end of the line.

What if I miss the midnight cut-off? Can I still keep my place in line?

No. Your voucher is worthless after midnight, so you'll have to enter at the back of the line!

Can I get a voucher for a friend who is meeting me in line?

Vouchers are limited to one-per-person.

How early am I allowed to line up?

The line for AFS Cinema and Holiday cannot form until THURSDAY (10/20) morning. The line for the gallery show can start as early as you'd like.

Hang on, do I HAVE to wait in line overnight? I was just planning on arriving Saturday morning when doors open.

No worries! You won't have any issue arriving on the day of the convention. The line may be slow moving at first, but you'll be inside enjoying MondoCon in no time.

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