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We're excited to unveil the lineup of panels, screenings, live music and of course food trucks for MondoCon 2016! The schedule of panels will include sneak peaks at what we have up our sleeve for upcoming toys & collectibles, an in-depth discussion of soundtracks from Mondo Music Group and a line-up of fantastic labels, and more including an epic design panel from three titans of the artist world – Olly Moss, Jock and Jay Shaw doing their first ever collaboration… live!

A Clockwork Orange, also celebrating an anniversary (45 years), will screen in glorious 35mm at the convention with a surprise limited edition screen print from artist Rory Kurtz. Additional screenings to be announced in the coming weeks.


11:00 AM - The Art of Toymaking
12:10 PM - Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel
1:30 PM - The Art of Jock
2:50 PM - OMG Posters
4:00 PM - The Fountain (Screening)
7:00 PM - A Clockwork Orange (Screening)
10:00 PM - TBA (Screening)


12:00 PM - Pretty Much Everything (Aaron Draplin)
1:30 PM - Mondo Live: Draw & Design
4:00 PM - Mondo Talk
7:00 PM - TBA (Screening)
9:30 PM - Le Matos - Live!

RSVPs for daytime panels and tickets for screenings will be available here at 12PM CST this Friday (9/23)! Find out more info on securing a spot here.

The Art of Toymaking - Saturday, 11AM

A behind-the-scenes look at the Mondo collectibles line with Creative Director of Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher, sculptor Phil Ramirez and artists Matt Taylor and Francesco Francavilla. This panel will give fans a first look at a few upcoming releases and insight into the toy-making process!

Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel - Saturday, 12:10PM

Mo Shafeek & Spencer Hickman from the Mondo Music Group discuss the state of soundtracks in 2016, and discuss how they are growing the label into the digital realm, while remaining committed to producing market leading physical products of both new and classic soundtracks.

Get insight behind the process of how titles are chosen for release, and a maybe even a few 2017 title teases as well. Guests will include key labels from the soundtrack scene discussing their work and how the soundtrack vinyl revival can continue to grow.

The Art of Jock - Saturday, 1:30PM

The Art of Jock panel returns to MondoCon, this time focusing his book of the same name. Made in collaboration with Insight Editions, The Art of Jock book delves into the prolific artist’s catalog, showcasing the best of his sketches and published images. Jock and Art of Jock author Will Dennis will sit down to discuss the making of the stunning new book, and provide a look into the mind and method of one of the most critically acclaimed illustrators working today.

OMG Posters - Saturday, 2:50PM

Launched in 2007, has since become one of the world’s favorite art blogs, showcasing thousands of handmade prints by independent artists and printmakers. OMG Posters features works by 40 different artists that sparked the explosive growth of the gig poster scene. OMG Posters founder, and Mondo Creative Director, Mitch Putnam and featured artists will guide attendees through the entire scope of the gig poster scene today, and the high caliber of artwork and collaboration involved.

The Fountain (Screening) - Saturday, 4PM

Mondo is excited to welcome composer Clint Mansell to MondoCon to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Darren Aronofsky’s epic drama The Fountain and the release of the arrestingly beautiful score for the first time ever on vinyl. Blending elements of fantasy, historical drama, romance, spirituality and science fiction The Fountain is one of the most unique cinematic experiences of all time and has amassed a faithful following since its release in 2006. Mansell will participate in an in-depth conversation about The Fountain, the music, and its impact over the last decade. Austin's soundtrack expert Brian Satterwhite will conduct the interview following a screening of the film at MondoCon on Saturday, October 22nd.

A Clockwork Orange (Screening) - Saturday, 7PM

Stanley Kubrick, arguably the greatest filmmaker of all time, brought Anthony Burgess's 1962 dystopian crime novel, A Clockwork Orange, to vibrant life in 1971. The film stars Malcolm McDowell as an ultra-violent Beethoven-obsessed miscreant named Alex DeLarge. Alex and his band of “droogs" wreak havoc throughout London until Alex is apprehended by authorities and forced to take part in a state-sponsored rehabilitation program called the Ludovico technique. Kubrick’s gifts as a master of the medium are on full display here. A Clockwork Orange is a perfect blend of black humor, sociological commentary, science fiction, sexual politics, and music. The film improves with age in a way only Kubrick’s work does. Join us to viddy a special 35mm presentation of ultra-violence and debauchery including an exclusive new poster by Rory Kurtz. You’ll be cured alright.

Pretty Much Everything: The Story Behind Making Our Very First Book - Sunday, 12PM

The Draplin Design Company got a book deal! That shimmering call up to the big leagues! Go behind the scenes with theDDC and the harrowing account of making our first book. From the contracts to the scheming, from the pagination to the design, from the tears to the nightmares...let us tell you what it’s like to cram your whole half-wit design career into 256 pages, and live to tell and read the story. We’ll pack in stories from the run-up, release and surreal fallout, as well as updates to other tricky ventures we’ve been up to. The entire presentation is dipped in Pantone Orange 021!

Mondo Live: Draw & Design - Sunday, 1:30PM

You, the audience, will pick the movie. Olly Moss, Jock and Jay Shaw will collaborate to create the greatest (or worst) poster ever live on-stage!

Mondo Talk - Sunday, 4PM

The Mondo poster team of Mitch Putnam, Rob Jones, Jay Shaw, & Eric Garza discuss the creative process behind Mondo's work and how they work with artists and arrive at final images. The panel will include a presentation of alternate concepts and a look at some of the biggest releases of the year!

Le Matos Live - Sunday, 9:30PM

Death Waltz and Mondo are excited to have Le Matos performing at this year’s event. Attendees can rock out live to their killer mix of Electro, Techno, and 80s dance-floor synth attack. They be playing a selection of tracks from Turbo Kid and their debut LP "Join Us." Attendees can purchase a very special version of "Join Us," limited to just 300 copies pressed on exclusive splatter vinyl with their ticket.

THE ART OF JOCK BOOK - Mondo Exclusive Version

Mondo, in partnership with Insight Editions, is releasing a Mondo Exclusive version of THE ART OF JOCK, a book celebrating the uniquely dynamic work of the acclaimed artist. In addition to the book, the Mondo Exclusive version includes four 9"x9" letterpress prints, one 8"x12" screen print, and a card signed by Jock, all packaged in a stunning hard-shell slipcase. The Mondo Exclusive version is limited to just 500 copies. ($175)

Additionally, five random copies of the book will include a full original, cover-quality pen & ink illustration by Jock, transforming the stunning collector's item into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Mondo will be hosting a silent auction featuring rare products from over the years. All proceeds go to Austin's Creative Action.

About Creative Action:
Through interactive classroom performances, after school arts residencies and community-based programs, Creative Action’s team of professional Teaching Artists inspire youth to be Creative Artists, Courageous allies, Critical Thinkers, and Confident Leaders.


Frank Hotdogs

Frank is a Chicago hot doggery with a focus on Luxurious Sausage & Waffle Fries and boasts a menu of fancy hotdogs that includes an array of artisan sausages that include veggie options. If you get a chance to stop by their downtown location definitely check out their creative list of cocktails, beer and espresso drinks. Pro tip: Frank has been known to cleverly name their hotdog options from time to time, swing by their truck in the food court and see what they’ve come up with for MondoCon!

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Austin is known to play host to quite a few notable BBQ joints. The folks at Micklethwait Craft Meats are one of those joints sitting pretty at the top. Micklethwait specializes in award-winning beef ribs, house-made desserts and bread, world famous jalapeno cheese grits and a rotating cast of fresh-made sausage and of course brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork and much more!


Kebabalicious’ organic Turkish kebabs are no joke! Another Austin staple, Kebabalicious offers up delicious kebabs ranging from chicken, beef and lamb, hutspa and falafel (with a side of K-Fries please!). Don’t forget to top your kebabs with spicy sauces and check this off your Austin cuisine bucket list!


Arlo’s serves vegan comfort food in a bistro style setting for Austin late night eats. A big supporter of local, organic and non-gmo products, Arlo’s food is designed to satisfy omnivores and herbivores alike. We dare you to tell us their vegan Bac’n Cheeze Burger doesn’t actually taste like a bacon cheeseburger.

Vegan Nom

Vegan Nom is Texas’ first all vegan taco truck. Some consider tacos to be Texas’ state food (who are we to disagree?) and a must when visiting Austin. We couldn’t risk that you’d go the whole weekend without a taco so our friends at Vegan Nom will be whipping up signature tacos with authentic salsas and house-made vegan queso for your taste palate’s delight.

Zucchini Kill

Zucchini Kill is a rock n roll scratch bakery that uses organic, local and allergy free ingredients to bake delicious sweet and savory products that will revolutionize your mind and belly. Be sure to ask for their special vegan Twinkie, it will rock your world in so many ways! It rocked ours. Zucchini Kill’s call to action is “WE ARE ZUCCHINI KILL AND WE WANT A REVOLUTION – DESSERT STYLE NOW!” We see what you did there ZK - and we like it.

Juice Austin

Juice Austin will keep you hydrated and feeling good with their healthy options of juices, cleanses and superfood smoothies. With options like green, fruit and root juices, Juice Austin will keep you refreshed to get you through the halls of MondoCon, making sure you don’t skip a beat. Nutritious, delicious and ice cold for powering through the Texas heat!

Wanderlust Coffee Truck

Wanderlust Coffee Truck is Austin’s finest mobile espresso bar. Globally responsible, locally roasted, ripe picked coffee – Wanderlust is bringing the finest handcrafted beverages brought straight to you! May we suggest the nitro cold brew?

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