MondoCon 4 Programming: Panels, Screenings & Food!
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We're so excited to announce our programming schedule for MondoCon 2017!

For panels, we're bringing back the MC favorites along with a few new ones including The Art of Games, Comics: Behind the Panels Panel, and an awesome new line-up for our Live Draw panel. Evening screenings will be held at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar this year: EX MACHINA, LABYRINTH...with a few titles to be announced! We're also hosting playthroughs of our upcoming board game, THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31 all weekend long.

If this is your first year attending MondoCon, click here for info on how we do panels and screenings.


11AM - 12PM - The Art of Games
12:10PM - 1:10PM - Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel
1:30PM - 2:30PM - The Art of Toymaking
2:50PM - 3:50PM - Comics: Behind the Panels Panel
7PM - Ex Machina (Screening at Alamo Drafthouse)
9:30PM - Labyrinth (Screening at Alamo Drafthouse)


1:30PM - 2:30PM - Mondo Live: Draw & Design
4PM - 5:30PM - Mondo Talk
*Sunday screenings to be announced!


All panels will take place at the Austin American-Statesman building.
RSVPs for panels will be available here on Tuesday, October 17th.

NOTE: 80% of the seats will be held for RSVPs, which will guarantee a seat in the theater. There will be a standby line outside the theater for the remaining 20% of seats, plus any no-show RSVP spots. A MondoCon wristband and ticket are both required for entry.

The Art of Games - Saturday, 11AM

Get a first-hand look at one of the year’s most highly anticipated board games “The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31”. Insights on board gaming, the game design process and the development of art for games will be discussed. In addition, a sneak preview of the slate of new games to be released by Mondo in 2018 with Brand Director Jay Shaw, VP of Business Development Tim Wiesch, Game Designer Joe Van Wetering, Creative Director of Games Luke Byers, and artist Justin Erickson.

Underscore: A Soundtrack Panel - Saturday, 12:10PM

Mo Shafeek and Spencer Hickman from the Mondo Music Group discuss how they approach creating new artwork for soundtrack reissues from concept to completion. They will be joined by artist Alan Hynes and a panel consisting of the best soundtrack labels in the world right now, with sneak peeks into a few active projects and announcements about whats to come in 2018.

After a 60-minute panel discussion, the floor will be open to audience questions.

The Art of Toymaking - Saturday, 1:30PM

A behind-the-scenes look at the Mondo collectibles line with Creative Director of Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher, Production/Design Manager Michael Bonanno, sculptor Phil Ramirez and artist Scarecrowoven. This panel will give fans a first look at a few upcoming releases and insight into the toy-making process!

Comics: Behind the Panels Panel - Saturday, 2:50PM

Editor Will Dennis hosts award-winning artists Lee Bermejo, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Jock, Eric Powell, and Cameron Stewart to discuss the inspiration and process behind their illustration work in comics as well as their approach to making stunning movie posters. From classic properties like Batman and Superman to exciting new series like Suiciders, Southern Cross, The Black Beetle, Wytches, The Goon, and Fight Club 2, these incredibly talented creators are leaving their indelible marks on comics and posters.

Mondo Live: Draw & Design - Sunday, 1:30PM

The Live Draw panel returns with artists Becky Cloonan, Alan Hynes, and Jay Shaw collaborating to design a poster live on stage. The audience will have the opportunity to choose a property and then watch the creative process unfold from start to...basically finish.

Mondo Talk - Sunday, 4PM

The Mondo poster team of Mitch Putnam, Rob Jones, Jay Shaw, & Eric Garza discuss the creative process behind Mondo’s work and how they work with artists and arrive at final images. The panel will include a presentation of alternate concepts and a look at some of the biggest releases of the year!


All screenings will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.
Screening tickets will be available at, and the link will go live here on Tuesday, October 17th.

No standby lines. A MondoCon wristband and ticket are both required for entry.

Ex Machina (Screening) - Saturday, 7PM / 7:05PM

In 2015, Alex Garland made his feature directorial debut with the sci-fi gut punch - EX MACHINA. Featuring a trio of standout performances by Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and a truly note-perfect Alicia Vikander as Ava, the film tells the story of a programmer named Caleb Smith (Gleeson) who has won an office competition to spend a week at the private estate of his tech company’s reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac). While there, he is tasked with evaluating the human qualities and capabilities - or, general believability - of Ava, a stunning and monumental achievement in A.I. whose intelligence and motives may extend further than either men realize. EX MACHINA is a gorgeous and thought-provoking instant sci-fi classic and it’s one of our favorite films of the last few years. Period. We’re thrilled to celebrate the title with a special MondoCon screening featuring a stunning new poster by Rory Kurtz.

Labyrinth - Saturday, 9:30PM / 9:35PM

There are some films that are simply timeless. In 1986, Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie teamed up for LABYRINTH, a fantastical and wonderfully bizarre film about a 15-year old girl named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) who wishes for her baby brother Toby to be taken away and whose wish is granted by Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie). Sarah is then transported to the Goblin King’s otherworldly kingdom and given 13 hours to solve the labyrinthand find Toby lest he be turned into a goblin forever! Along the way, Sarah befriends a group of unforgettable Henson creatures including Hoggle (or is it Hogwart?), Ludo, Sir Didymus and his trusty steed, Ambrosius, and the best worm you’ll ever see in any film ever. We hope that all you babes with the power join us for a MondoCon screening of Jim Henson’s 1986 cult classic including a new poster by Ise Ananphada.


Playthroughs will take place at the Austin American-Statesman building.
Spots will be available for RSVP here on Tuesday, October 17th.

It appears we’re having trouble communicating with the Antarctic research crew down at Outpost 31. We received a distress signal but we haven’t been able to establish contact since. We’re looking for recruits to help us figure out what’s going on down there. We’ve all heard the rumors of a major discovery buried in the ice but at this time we can not confirm early reports. We don’t anticipate danger but we recommend volunteers come prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur.

Join us to be among the first humans on earth to play Mondo & Project Raygun’s THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31.



Kebabalicious’ organic Turkish kebabs are no joke! Another Austin staple, Kebabalicious offers up delicious kebabs ranging from chicken, beef and lamb, hutspa and falafel (with a side of K-Fries please!). Don’t forget to top your kebabs with spicy sauces and check this off your Austin cuisine bucket list!


Arlo’s serves vegan comfort food in a bistro-style setting for Austin late-night eats. A big supporter of local, organic and non-gmo products, Arlo’s food is designed to satisfy omnivores and herbivores alike. We dare you to tell us their vegan bacon cheeseburger doesn’t actually taste like bacon cheeseburger.


Zucchini Kill is a rock n roll scratch bakery that uses organic, local and allergy free ingredients to bake delicious sweet and savory products that will revolutionize your mind and belly. Be sure to ask for their special vegan Twinkie, it will rock your world in so many ways! It rocked ours. Zucchini Kill’s call to action is “WE ARE ZUCCHINI KILL AND WE WANT A REVOLUTION – DESSERT STYLE NOW!” We see what you did there ZK - and we like it.


Juice Austin will keep you hydrated and feeling good with their healthy options of juices, cleanses and superfood smoothies. With options like green, fruit and root juices, Juice Austin will keep you refreshed to get you through the halls of MondoCon, making sure you don’t skip a beat. Nutritious, delicious and ice cold for powering through the Texas heat!


Austin is known to play host to quite a few notable BBQ joints. SLAB, being one of those, began as a food trailer in 2006, originally named Sugar Shack BBQ, and in August 2014 opened a brick and mortar location. Pitboss and Founder, Mark Avalos, has been featured on Travel Channel and Food Network for his famous Pulled Pork Sammies. SLAB was founded on the basis of bringing new flavors that are a break from your traditional Texas BBQ. Bridging the taste bud gap of the Dirty South from Memphis, to the Carolinas, Alabama, and Texas. Don’t sleep on trying all 4 award-winning BBQ sauces!


The Mighty Cone story begins with a simple, yet delicious breading developed for fish by the late Hudson's on the Bend sous chef, Courtney Swenson. Hot 'n' Crunchy Trout became a mainstay of the famous Lake Travis restaurant, for years holding top honors as one of the most ordered entrees. The chefs began to experiment with the famous Hot 'n' Crunchy breading on a variety of foods. Chicken proved to be a good, festival-friendly candidate—delicious and popular. He wrapped the chicken in a tortilla and popped it into a paper drink cone (to make it easier for festival-goers to eat and walk to the next stage), topped it with a mango-jalapeno slaw and ancho sauce and Voila! the Hot 'n' Crunchy Chicken Cone was born and ready for you to experience!


A JewBoy Burger is a Mexican Diner style burger made from freshly ground USDA prime served on a warm potato roll. It’s an accessible taste that appeals to the masses, but most definitely appeases the finest palate. Queso and East Coast inspired potato latkes highlight the eccentric, yet perfectly paired tastes of two seemingly disparate cultures. Seemingly, but when brought together in Austin, work to culinary perfection. JewBoy Burgers combines the deep cultural eccentricities of American Jewish culture with the rich and tasty Latino community, owner Mo Pittle, grew up in. Jewboy Burgers will only be available on Sunday, November 5.


From those Brew and Brew guys comes Little Brother. Little Brother is a mobile party serving solid bevs to the masses. From weddings, company retreats, fishing trips, rodeos, house parties, shindigs or champagne jams, LB has you covered. We source epic coffees from our favorite roasters in the country and pour our little hearts out to provide the best possible coffee experience wherever you may be.

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