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Spencer Hickman & Mo Shafeek
Mondo/Death Waltz Label Managers

Oh boy, our 4th MondoCon already! We're super excited to unveil our music and entertainment offerings for this year's event. As usual we have some of the world's best record labels confirmed, and we’re thrilled to open up the floor to Arrow Video for the first time, too!

Stay tuned for more reveals in the coming weeks as we’ll have the usual mix of film screenings, exclusive products, and a killer closing night party that is sure to blow your ears this year. This is the last week to get early-bird pricing, so don't wait on grabbing your MC 2017 tickets!

Brave Wave

Brave Wave is a label dedicated to exploring the interplay between video games, music, and nostalgia. Their composers hail from the most renowned and beloved video game franchises and companies, blending a multitude of styles under one roof, from chiptunes and electronica to blazing rock and even full-fledged orchestra. They are capable of producing music that fits any desired niche in the entire spectrum of musical styles, and we're known for skillfully managing projects to completion, be it solo albums, compilations, or soundtracks.

Light in the Attic

We are super excited to have LITA back with us at MondoCon. As usual they’ll be fully stocked with soundtracks from around the globe at super keen prices to cater for all your soundtrack needs.

Milan Records

With over 25 years experience in the music business, Milan Records has an incredible back catalog and an ear for signing new sure-fire hits (IT FOLLOWS, IT COMES AT NIGHT). In recent years, they have been releasing incredible vinyl packages such as AKIRA, ROBOCOP and THE TERMINATOR. We are very glad to welcome them back to MondoCon for the second time.

Mondo / Death Waltz Recording Company

Mondo and Death Waltz will continue the tradition of hosting a pop-up record store stocked full of not only Mondo and Death Waltz titles, but also an expertly curated selection soundtrack and library records from around the world.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo.

Ship to Shore may have started out as a straight soundtrack re-issue label but very quickly diversified into releasing high quality video game music (MOTHER, SNATCHER) and recently have moved into non home entertainment territory with releases such as the solo LP from The Bongo’s Richard Barone. We excited to have Ship to Shore back again at MondoCon.

Terrorvision / Graveface Records

We suspect (and hope) that Terrorvision / Graveface Records will arrive armed to the teeth with all manner of records, VHS, patches, pins and oddities to amuse and delight as they do every year. Their store is a collector's paradise and it certainly pays to dig through all the madness they offer!

Waxwork Records

In a few short years, Waxwork has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the soundtrack re-issue game, releasing super high quality packages for films such as DON't LOOK NOW and the FRIDAY THE 13TH series. They recently Launched Waxwork Comics fusing old school horror anthologies with brand new music to listen to as your read the stories. We are thrilled to have Waxwork back at MondoCon this year.

Arrow Films

We are so stoked to have Arrow Films attending this years event. Hands down the creators of some of the greatest looking and sounding collectors Blu-ray and DVD packages over the last 8 years or so. Having launched in the US market this year, we thought it would be only fitting to invite them to MondoCon 2017. Recently, Arrow Video has also been releasing strong independent contemporary films, including the likes of Emiliano Rocha Minter’s WE ARE THE FLESH and Gareth Tunley’s THE GHOUL. Stay tuned for some exciting collaboration news between ourselves and Arrow in the next few weeks that will tear your soul apart!

The Art of Soundtracks Panel

This year we are changing up the soundtrack panel. The first half will feature various participating labels discussing how they approach the artwork for each project they sign, and the various stages they go through from rough sketches to final approvals. The second half will be audience questions. We’ll be asking the audience in advance to send in questions for the panel and our moderator will choose the most interesting and challenging ones to put forward! Stay tuned for more details.

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