We’re stoked to announce our fifth video release in collaboration with BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO, SCARY TALES (1993)!

A hooded figure with glowing eyes appears in a dense plume of mist. He’s encircled by silhouetted children who wait for him to read from an ancient tome. So begins a three-part, shot-on-video horror anthology from 1993, which by all appearances is a period piece that takes place in 1985. Drunk dads play darts, blaring ponytail rock drowns out middle-aged profanities. This is followed by demonic possession, bathtub nudity, wide-scale slaughter and a man fighting medieval dwarves in a field outside of Baltimore.

Shot in Baltimore by filmmaker Doug Ullrich, SCARY TALES was never released legitimately on home video. BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO’s release has been meticulously pieced together from the original S-VHS master tapes, making it the best looking-and-sounding version of SCARY TALES that has ever been available.

SCARY TALES will be available on VHS & DVD tomorrow (5/11) at 12PM CST. You can also stream the film at

Scary Tales VHS
Directed by Doug Ulrich. 68 minutes.
Limited to 100 Copies
Contains Minimum Underdrive Zine
On Sale May 11th at 12PM CST

Scary Tales DVD
Directed by Doug Ulrich
68 Minutes. Contains Minimum Underdrive Zine.
On Sale May 11th at 12PM CST

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