HOOP DREAMS by Oliver Barrett is On Sale Now!

We're pleased to announce our partnership withKartemquin Films and artist Oliver Barrett to create a new poster for the film HOOP DREAMS, which is now available on our site.

The Alamo Drafthouse recently hosted a screening of the documentary with one of the stars of the film, Arthur Agee, in attendance. Arthur was on hand to answer questions, reflect on the films themes, and give his perspective on how youth sports culture has changed for the better and worse since the film's release 20+ years ago.

Since the film's release, both Arthur and his co-star, William Gates, have worked to help educate young athletes on the challenges they face not just on the court, but in the classroom and real world. In support of their efforts, we will be donating all profits from the release of this poster to both The Arthur Agee Jr. Role Model Foundation and William Gate's youth basketball team, Team Hoop Dreams.

Hoop Dreams by Oliver Barrett
18" x 24" Screen Print
Edition of 100
Printed by Industry Print Shop

“The concept revolves around both William and Arthur’s pursuit of the same goal while their paths splinter off into different directions. These are two talented kids who are under a tremendous amount of pressure from their families, friends, and schools to perform at a high level and life sort of gets in the way of that,” said artist Oliver Barrett.

We are also pleased to mention that HOOP DREAMS will be airing on TCM at 10pm EST on Monday May 23rd. It is also available to own on Criterion Collection Blu Ray and stream for free at http://watch.kartemquin.com as part of Kartemquin's 50th Anniversary celebrations.

You can purchase HOOP DREAMS by Oliver Barrett here.

The Arthur Agee Jr. Role Model Foundation

Team Hoop Dreams
457 Auburn Park
Selma TX 78154
[email protected]

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