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Hey folks - this week we have two great new distributed titles to share with you, one of which has an exclusive colorway available only one our site! As always, records go on sale Wednesday at 12PM CST on

Wet Hot American Summer. Music by Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro, plus original tunes by Peter Salett, Craig Wedren and Mr. Blue & Chubb Rock. Mondo Exclusive Colorway, pressed on Campfire colored Vinyl. $27

If Wet Hot American Summer is even something remotely on your radar, chances are you have obsessed over it dozens of times and know every joke by heart... but what's even more fascinating listening to this soundtrack is how much of the spirit of the film is held in the soundtrack. When I first listened to the album I immediately had flashbacks to a time and a place, that was simultaneously the dew filled morning waking up at summer camp back east, and the underscore to this borderline indescribable film.

As far as a listen, it's quite energetic. Just like in the endless single day captured in the film, it feels like sun will be up above the clouds forever. But it's not all nostalgia (although the main theme "Flagpole" is so immediately transportive to Camp Firewood that the only thing missing is the sound effect of occasional shattering off camera); it's actually an incredible showcase for Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro's ability to mold themselves to a time and a place in such a way, at some points you'd think that they were the founding members of an 80s adult contemporary / yacht rock band (they're not.) All you have to do is compare this album to The Invitation, a soundtrack album they collaborated on almost 15 years later, and see how incredibly talented and diverse their range is. It takes skill to bounce so effortlessly from the militaristic pomp of "Gene's Address" to the saxophone smooth jazz of "Bags Are Packed" to the 80s montage anthem "Higher & Higher" on one album.

We are honored to have our own exclusive colorway of this album thanks to our friends at Rusted Wave Records. This soundtrack has never been released in any format. Check out their website for a few WHAS merch items, and keep an eye on their site for a few other fun upcoming soundtracks as well. But in the meantime, be proud of who you are, go fondle some sweaters, and pre-order this premiere release soundtrack.

- Mo Shafeek, Mondo Music Production Manager

Umberto - Alienation. Released on NNF Records. $19

What an about turn from Umberto. Of course there are a couple of his usual synth bangers on here, but also there is a ton of melodic, reflective, super mellow tracks, too. Female vocals slide in and out of the mix sounding like early 4AD records and the whole affair is shot through with a melancholy vibe that somehow reminds us of folk horror films such as Blood On Satan's Claw or The Wicker Man. This is definitely his best (and most varied) album yet.

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