This morning I was in a meeting and my phone was going CRAZY. Lots of texts, lots of emails. I didn't think it was too weird though because we are super busy redoing the Mondo website, SXSW, new projects, etc. When I finally got to check them, this is what the message basically said, "ROBOCOP POSTERS ARE IN!" I don't think an emoticon exists to express the way I looked and felt when I ran into the store to see these. Take a look:use-2If you ordered these a few months back, they're going to go out to you ASAP. Sorry for the wait, but I really think these were worth it. If you're around Mondo on South Lamar, stop in and check them out. They are beautiful and need to be seen in person.Oh yeah, one more thing. This was a limited run, but after all of the orders were filled, we noticed we had some order cancellations. We will probably have some extras to throw back onto the website if you missed this the first time around. I mean this and can't stress this enough, bookmark the Mondo website. These will go fast once they're listed for sale and you don't want to be fighting for these on eBay or something with crazy jacked up prices.We will be launching a new site very soon with a blog and a ton of other social networking tools intigrated in. If you want up to date news about new products or in store specials, you'll want to join the Mondo mailing list and become friends with us on Facebook. In the meantime, we have a twitter account set up. Follow us at

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