Last year, I attended my first ever San Diego Comic Con. Did I buy a lot of stuff? Let's just say that Terror Tuesday host Zack went with me and his duffle bag literally ripped from the weight when he packed all of his comics into it...I bought more than him. Something else happened at Comic Con that I really didn't expect. I kinda fell in love with independent publishing...specifically zines. I got turned on to Fantastic Fest poster artist Jon Vermilyea through a zine he put out through Picturebox. Another guy that had a TON of great zines was Mark Todd. He had zines covering subjects like Disneyland deaths and the history of Chuck-E-Cheese which also came with tokens and prizes from the restaurant. He also had a bunch of redrawn silver age comic book covers hanging out all over his booth which was a HUGE deal with me. Later on, he did this painting of the cover of Fantastic Four #2 which now hangs in my living room.mark-todd-painting1Though, for me, the biggest thing at his table was a book called BAD ASSES.bad-assesBAD ASSES was roughly the size of a zine, but was a full on fancy publication with a bar code and everything. Basically, it's a check list of Mark's favorite characters from film and TV when he was around the age of 14. Besides the six we chose for our new shirt line, it features characters like Skeletor, Mr. T, Ms. Piggy, a Sleestak and even the car from THE CAR! Sound good? It's better than's fucking amazing! I flipped through it and lauged...a lot. How excited was I when we asked Mark to do the new line of Badass Cinema shirts and he said yes?badasses-gifNot only are the shirts available through us, but so is his book, BAD ASSES, and a special set of 6 art prints!As you've hopefully noticed, we've got a brand new website up in place of that old hoopty that we forced you to look at for who knows how long. Sorry about that, but I think that you'll forgive us when you see all the new things we've got waiting for you. One of the first things I'm proud to show you is the new Mondo Monster Mouth collar much every Mondo shirt from now on will be sporting this new tag. They are super soft, too. Don't be afraid that they will scratch the back of your neck. I've been rocking these in my shirts for a while "testing" them and they've never once bugged tag company said that it was the most intricate, pain in the ass tag they've ever made, but I think it came out great. I hope you all like it, too.Another new thing is this blog. It will be updated everyday...I promise you that. Don't think this is going to just be a place where we try to sell you stuff. Seriously, I don't condone that and Mondo isn't gonna play that game. We're gonna talk about the good things in life like comics, movies, and TV shows among other things. Sure, we'll let you know when we release something, but that will be a very small part of this blog. I want this to become a place for you to hang out kinda like your friend's basement when you were a junior in high school.We also have a Twitter account. Trust me, you'll want to sign up for that, too. So, to sum it up, get with us on this blog, Twitter, Facebook and our mailing list if you want to stay in the know and... you know what, I don't care, here's my personal AIM...THECACTUSISH. If you have any questions or you just want to talk, instant message me. Why not?Before I go, a lot of you have been emailing and asking about the remaining metal Robocop posters. We DO have extras and we ARE going to sell them through the site very soon. You didn't hear it from me, but the only way you'll know when they go on sale is if you sign up on Twitter.Enjoy the new shirts and the new site. Let me know what you all think!-Justin

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