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It's times like this that I'm happy eyes exist.

About two months ago, we here at Mondo got a call from Paramount Pictures. Turns out, they are fans of ours! They had taken notice of the quality of the Poster Series and also of the artists that we use and wanted us to recommend some that we thought could turn in AMAZING artwork. In addition to the traditional big studio promotional push, Paramount wanted to get creative and have artists reinterpret STAR TREK with their own specific style. We were thrilled to collaborate on a part of this innovative venture and I think you'll really be happy with the results. I know we are!Mark Todd is doing a ton of shirt designs lately. First, the new Badass Cinema shirts, now the Enterprise!mark-todd-star-trek1It's probably good that I haven't met Jesse Phillips yet. When I do, I'll probably just stutter and stammer all slack jawed and embarass myself. He's one of my favorites! Remember the IRON MAN poster Jesse did for us? He totally raged on this poster featuring the Enterprise:jessephilipsposterHmmmm...there was one other guy that did a poster for them....who was it again? Oh yeah...TYLER STOUT! Can you imagine what this thing is going to look like?! At the time of me writing this, artwork isn't available, but I've been promised to get a copy of it in the next few days. I'll be posting it here as soon as it's available.Paramount also had a few of our celebrity Austin homies design their very own Enterprise models. First up is Ain't It Cool News' head honcho Harry Knowles' ship:st_harry_knowles_01They also had that troublemaker Robert Rodriguez do one:st_robert_rodriguez_01Also, veteran Alamo poster artist Bobby Dixon designed an Enterprise model for the promotion. We're expecting photos of the finished model soon and will post them here when we get them!If you're like me, you're most likely a half inch away from the computer screen trying to pick out detail on these models. Don't you worry. If you come to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar starting Monday, you'll be able to see all of this and more in person!You didn't forget about us showing WRATH OF KHAN and ten minutes of the new STAR TREK did you? You can find information on the screening here and if you can't make it to the show, you can see models from other designers here.Thanks to Paramount for involving us on this project and a very special thanks to OMG Posters and Rob Jones for their help.-Justin

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