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It's been a while since I've done a post. With the Cinemapocalypse tour going on and then other projects cooking, I haven't had much time to do much posting. I have been twittering though. You can follow us at If you would've been following us there, you would've known that we put the remaining metal variant Tyler Stout Robocop posters up for sale. If you want one, you better do it now because we have like one or two left and then they are GONE.We did a ton of stuff on the Cinemapocalypse tour and I know it's kinda late, but I figured I'd give a quick top ten of things we saw, learned or no particular order.1. While driving to the theater in San Francisco, I saw a dog peeing on another dog.2. In San Francisco, packs of wild nudes roam free in the streets.3. Unknowingly, I offered to eat Sissy Spacek's leftover food in LA.4. Roswell, NM isn't a fun town like you'd think it would Phoenix is the weirdest place in the U.S. Within five minutes, we took the famous black wrestling picture, watched a newscast about exploding rodents and a fir tree growing in a guys lung and talked to a junkie who was on a mission from God to find a VHS copy of HOWARD THE DUCK. No joke.6. Clu Gulager is one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet.7. Eddie Deezen isn't acting. He's playing himself...and that's a very good thing!8. The three of us looked like junkies the way we were digging through boxes of VHS tapes in a small town McDonalds parking lot. The guy promised us 17,000 videos, but was off by 16,800.9. Unfortunately, comic book back issues and video stores are becoming things of the past.10. At one point during the trip, Zack and Lars somehow convinced me that if you used the urinal in this weird little town and there was a man in the stall beside you, he'd try to reach over and grab your penis. I must've been tired because I believed them.-Justin

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