This weekend, I was hanging out with Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson while they were having their shows in Austin and Houston. On the Houston part of the trip, we had a few hours to kill before Mark's show started and decided to hit up the Nasa exhibit of "artifacts" from the films of George Lucas.What really put me over on going to see this was the promise of props from EVERY movie Lucas had ever been involved with including HOWARD THE DUCK! Take a look at the pictures below, but be warned...I refused to take any photos of the INIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL parts. They had Shia Lebouf's motorcycle and Harrison Ford's fedora and whip from the movie, but who freakin' cares...that movie doesn't exist in my world.If you're in Houston, I'd recommend stopping by if for nothing else to read George Lucas' original notes for STAR WARS. Drastically different from what ended up on screen.img_0379img_0380img_0396img_0399img_0403img_0400img_0392img_0394img_0388

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