I straight up stole this from Tim and the Fantastic Fest blog. Retweet this, repost this, order something from John. I ordered Alf as a leather daddy...when he finishes, I'll post pictures.An interesting request just came in through Twitter. Apparently John Gholson is a little short on fund and can’t afford a Fantastic Fest badge this year. What he lacks in sheckles, he makes up for in spades with raw American ingenuity. He will draw anything that you request (other than hardcore porn) for a payment of $5 towards to cost of a badge.bruiserHow could we pass up such a heart-warming story. Help a brother out and get yourself some $5 art. I just ordered mine, a busty female cyclops astride a unicorn. Hopefully it will be suitable for framing.Speaking of Twitter, please follow @fantasticfest and @timalamo for all the latest news. I am watching the feed!

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