If you don't know yet, Mishka x Lamour Supreme x Mondo are releasing one ring to rule them all at this year's San Diego Comic Con. That ring would be THE RING OF THE DEMON SCOURGE!demonscourgeringLast time I did a post, I took you halfway through the process of creating the severed fingers that these bad boys would be housed on. We left off with Meredith pouring molten clay into the alginate mold of my hand. After she allowed the clay to cool, she popped it out and she got this to work on:justinclayhandhand1hand2hand4If you've never high fived me or shook my hand and don't what my hand looks like, I'll tell you this...this is exact! When I showed my Mom these pics, she got all Mom on me and said, "Oh Justin. What if you sell these fingers and someone kills someone and uses the fingerprints on them to frame you. You'd be in so much trouble." I was all like, "Oh Mom. Come on. They couldn't do that." When I went to pick these up the first thing Meredith said was, "Oh before I forget, I scraped your fingerprints from all the fingers so nobody could use your fingerprints and frame you." WHAT?! That's crazy! So, I guess everyone take this as a lesson. If you ever get your hands molded, have the artist scrape your prints and for god's sake, LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS! I learned nothing from Mr. T apparently. So, sorry Mom. You were right.After Meredith scraped my prints clean, she cut my fingers off proper!clayfinger3See how the middle three kinda look like avocados with the pits dug out and the ring and pinky look normal with the fingernail. Well, we decided to go all out and pour resin for the fingernails so it would be more realistic. Neither Mishka nor Mondo skimp! Once Meredith fixed any imperfections that might have happened when she poured the clay, she made silicone molds of my fingers. Before she pours the silicone she needed to suspend the fingers in mid air in the center of the cups. She wouldn't tell me how she did it. A magician never reveal their secrets I guess (fuck you FOX):fingermold4fingermold3Shen then pours silicone around the fingers to make the final mold:fingermold2fingermold1When the silicone mold cures, she gets wild and starts pouring the actual fingers.siliconefingersYEAH! Oh man! When I got the call that they were done and I could come over and take a gander, I really lost it. When I arrived, here is what they had waiting for me...nail included!fingersAnd that's all you get until the third and final chapter when we announce where at Comic Con you can buy these and when we show you final pics of the ring and finger packaging! Until then, wipe up your DROOOOOOOL!-Justin

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