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Forget paying you Tuesday for a burger today. Wimpy would straight up murder someone right now for this bed!burger-bedSeveral months ago, Kayla Kromer attended an after hours screening here at the Alamo of a movie called HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE.While watching that movie, Kayla was hit with inspiration as the dorms at BusterBurger U. didn't have bunk beds or cots or any of the shitty beds that we were all used to sleeping on in college. Nope. They slept in GIGANTIC HAMBURGERS with cheese as blankets and pickles as pillows. Kayla spent the next two months creating the ultimate in food/comfort and then when it was revelaed, it literally broke the internet. It was front page on DIGG, was featured on 100's of blogs and in dozens of magazines, the funniest being a US Weekly issue where Jessica Simpson was proclaiming "I'm not fat!" on the cover. It couldn't have been featured in a better issue.hamburger-im-not-fatKayla has recently had a few personal problems and needs to let go of the bed. Last night she put it up on eBay with a starting bid of 1 cent and as of me writing this it's already up to over 300 bucks! Want this Hamburger for your bed?! Click on the pic below and plunk down some cash!

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