comic-con-001As I'm sure you all know, San Diego Comic Con went down last week. Terror Tuesday's Zack Carlson and I attended and made it a point to stay away from Hall H at all costs. (Hall H is the place where everyone goes to watch like 3 minutes ot TWILIGHT and stuff like thanks.) We bought hundreds of pounds of comics, lots of toys and lots of bootlegs. (Zack bought one featuring old timey love stories, but with all of the human characters replaced with dogs. Can't find that in Hall H.) Here are some of the highlights from this years Con.comic-con-006We bought so many comics this year it should've been illegal. Zack's bag alone weighed 115 pounds and that was just comics alone!comic-con-007And last but not least, definitely the best cover of all of the comics we bought this year: HANSI: THE GIRL WHO LOVED THE SWASTIKA! This is super fitting considering it's unofficially "Nazi Killing" month at the Alamo. I also like the Al Hartley signature in the bottom right hand's a straight rip of the way companies would advertise Jack Kirby being on a comic. I guess the only way this cover could've been better is if Kirby did it himself.comic-con-014What would Comic Con be without a trip to the Furries' booth?!comic-con-011Adam West was also hung out for approximately 4 hours at the Con and as you can tell by the picture he graciously took with me, (he charged) he was psyched to be there! Don't know if it reads in the picture, but that is a hat he's wearing and it does say Adam West on it. I want!comic-con-009Probably my favorite part of the convention are the costumes and there were some CRAZY ones this year. This first one isn't the best we saw, but it was the most confusing.img_0473This was a first for me...Blanka! Pretty genius.comic-con-004And there are a billion Superman costumes running around, but how many are fighting the Super Powers Lex Luthor?!comic-con-012I love it! The best five days of the year. Maybe Mondo will get wild next year and get a booth at the Con?-Justin

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