Wow!Cinemapocalypse was IN-SANE! My first show ever at the Alamo Drafthouse was the Best of QT Fest so Saturday night brought back a whole lotta memories for me. One of my favorite moments of the night was getting to sit next to one of my favorite living actors, ROBERT FORSTER!forsterIn between movies we chatted about Wings Hauser, his hair loss and how he was pals with almost everyone in THE LOSERS. Truly nerdy stuff. Both of his Q&As were oustanding as well! If you ever meet him, ask him to do his Jon Huston impersonation. GOLDEN!He came out as a special guest as we were showing VIGILANTE as part of the show.vigilante-posterEverything about VIGILANTE is PERFECT...especially the score which I found HERE. Vulcan and I Luv Video have this for rent in the Austin area. You can buy it on Amazon and it's for rent on Netflix. However you swing it, SEE THIS MOVIE!-JustinP.S. In case you were wondering, the full line up of CINEMAPOCALYPSE was:INGLOURIOUS BASTERDSTHE LOSERSTHE SIEGE OF FIREBASE GLORIAVIGILANTETHE BLACK GESTAPOIP MAN

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