I don't know what it was, but last week I stumbled upon several amazing things. Some were food related, some merchandise related...all awesome! Check them out!PIE SLICE BAKERY!!!!!pie-sliceDammit, I'm not a thin man and learning about PIE SLICE BAKERY pretty much sealed the deal for me staying that way. To make things worse, it's like two blocks away from Mondo....and it's on the way to work! Not only do they have insane baked goods like cupcakes, cheese cake and, well, pies...they also have breakfast tacos and pizza! Seriously, I'll probably be hitting this place up at least 2 times a week as it has become my new favorite restaurant in town!Check out their website HERE and go get some pie!SCARECROW VIDEO!!!!!scarecrowScarecrow Video itself isn't new to me, but their blog is! I've been there several times and have lots of friends that work there, but had no idea they were kings of the blogosphere! One post in particular really blew me away. It broke down every movie that even remotely influenced Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. You can read it HERE. I don't know about you, but when KILL BILL came out, I loved watching the movies that he took inspiration from. Now, thanks to Scarecrow, I can do the same thing with BASTERDS. So, before you go see it again, you can have a mini marathon to get you pumped to blow some Nazi's away!ALEX PARDEE AND THE SCARED FRIENDS!!!!!Look it up on's a fact. ALEX PARDEE IS COOL AS FUCK. Just when I thought this guy couldn't get any cooler, I get this pic in my email from Mitch Putnam.pardee-bloodyClick on the picture to read the full story from Pardee, but to summarize, some crazy dude at his Upper Playground Seattle show came with a razor and started gashing himself across the stomach and wrists spraying blood all over the place. After swearing a lot and saying "no way" out loud over and over again, I went to ZeroFriends and grabbed his SCARED FRIENDS shirt in blue.scaredfriendsblueIn case you don't remember, Pardee is the mega-horror fan/ super-artist who destroyed the RE-ANIMATOR poster we released in July.reanimator-copy1You can also see it hanging in the background of the picture with him posing behind the blood!A digital high five goes out to this guy for being the worlds biggest BASKET CASE fan and for cheating death! We at Mondo salute you!-Justin

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