harryhausen-model-4Anyone that knows me is well aware that 1) I am on eBay way too much and 2) I love Harryhausen. Can you guess how excited I was when I found this up for auction? With a little over 3 days left as I write this, this original Ray Harryhausen model from GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD is going for a cool $20,000. I wonder what celebri-nerd is gonna pick this up? Someone call Seth Green to buy this and put it in Robot Chicken. Enough with the STAR WARS parodies...this is real claymation here. Here are some other pictures. Click on them to take you to the auction link.harryhausen-modelharryhausen-model-3 If you don't instantly recall this character from the film, check out the above trailer. She starts messin' stuff up at about the 1:18 mark.Also, in other INSANE Harryhausen news, I heard a rumor that Japan's Bounty x Hunter was carrying this sweater. If you live in Japan, are going to Japan, know someone who is going to Japan or know someone that lives in Japan...get this in a size XL and I will have a son and give it to you.harryhausen-sweater-Justin

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