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If there is one holiday truly deserving of indulgence and excess it has to be Halloween, the greatest day out of all the days of the year. You may stuff your gut on Thanksgiving or tear open a lot of toys on Christmas morning, but only on Halloween do your night time pranks and candy-benders culminate in a much deserved restless sleep full of traumatic nightmares and agonizing stomach pains. If you're like me, your heart breaks again every year when you realize you're still too old to go out trick-r-treating door to door. Well, to simulate the mighty satisfaction of a pillowcase overflowing with sugary loot, I'm gonna jam pack this weekend's triple feature post with Halloween spooks until it's tearing at the seams. That means not one, but THREE Halloween triple features. Enjoy and remember, if anyone tries to give you something healthy like an apple, put it right back through their fun-deficient window.TRIPLE FEATURE #1: Cartoon SpooksNot technically a triple "feature" since none of these are longer than ten minutes. You can watch them all right now and still have time to put the finishing touches on your costume.Wot a NightThis is the first in a series of "Tom & Jerry" cartoons from Van Beuren studios. But we're not talking about the cat and mouse. This Tom & Jerry team is made up of two unmemorable human characters who later got retitled "Dick & Larry" before drifting away into total obscurity. Despite the characters' anonymity, this is some classic stuff. But beware... old-timey racism ahead! Bimbo's InitiationNot strictly a Halloween cartoon, but it utterly terrified me as a kid. To this day it remains one of my favorite cartoons of all time. You can be certain the Elfman brothers watched this before making the Forbidden Zone. And it's a rare chance to see Betty Bimbo's dog boyfriend, Bimbo, before he got axed by the production code in 1933. This is Fleischer animation at its greatest. Skeleton DanceThe best there ever was. Pure art. Come back later for Part 2: Terrifying TV Specials!-Tommy

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