TRIPLE FEATURE #2: Terrifying TV SpecialsDo they even make Halloween specials anymore? If so, I would probably only be disheartened if I watched them. Luckily it seems like copyright on this older stuff isn't very strictly enforced so with the use of the internet the whole world can choose to ignore the vast cultural wasteland of (what I imagine to be) today's contemptible or non-existent Halloween TV abortions and continue watching the good stuff like it's 1985.The Halloween That Almost Wasn't Dracula realizes that he and his cohorts aren't very scary anymore and that due to their abundant fright-failures Halloween is in danger of being lost. This is like "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" but for monsters. The recently deceased, though fondly remembered, Henry Gibson shows up as Igor and Dracula is played by none other than Judd Hirsch. My VHS copy of this movie goes by the title "The Night Dracula Saved The World." I like that one more because even though Dracula only saves the holiday, it seems to imply that without Halloween, the world would be entirely worthless.Mr. Boogedy Someone has lovingly uploaded a tape they recorded off of TV onto the Youtube so that everyone can share in the pleasures of this never-released-on-video-at-all staple of childhood Halloween watching. If you are around my age, chances are you saw this plenty. Especially memorable is John Astin (Gomez Addams) as the weird neighbor. Enjoy the nostalgia, or at least try to imagine like you saw it when you were 6 and manufacture yourself some warm and fuzzy memories. The equally unavailable sequel "Bride of Boogedy" is also floating out there somewhere on the tubes.The Paul Lynde Halloween Special This is it, guaranteed, your only chance to see Witchie Poo from H.R. Pufnstuf, Billy Barty and KISS all together on one show. And the festivities are presided over by that fabulous queen from Hollywood Squares Paul Lynde. Hard to believe and not be missed!-Tommy

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