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street trash
When we had the idea to create a poster for STREET TRASH, we knew we needed someone that was 1. a fan of the horror genre and 2. someone that could tackle the imagery and color palette of the film. So, who better to do it than Rue Morgue artist Ghoulish Garry Pullin?! Raise your Tenafly high and salute this poster!Ghoulish Garry Pullin. 24"x"36" screen print. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 70.StrtTrBLKShirtImgStrtTrWHTShirtImgNot only are we putting the STREET TRASH poster out today, we're putting out this incredible shirt! Check out the back:StrtTrWHTBack430x500We are so proud to offer this shirt celebrating one of the grimiest movies EVER to come out of New York....therefore putting it in the running for grimiest movie in the world! The front of the shirt features the aftermath of a shot of Tenafly Viper expertly illustrated by Jon Vermilyea.bigtroubShirtbigtroub430x500We're also proud to be releasing this new shirt...STORMS WARNING!Thunder, Lightning and Rain...THE THREE STORMS. Without a doubt, the hardest dudes in the Chinatown underworld. The only one more diabolic is the dark, all seeing overlord trapped in time searching for his true love that can bring him back to youthful prominence.-Justin

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