This weekend, I attended Butt-Numb-A-Thon at the Alamo Drafthouse. BNAT is a 24 hour celebration of Ain't It Cool News' birthday. You go in totally blind with no prior knowledge of the films that will be playing. Half are new and sometimes world premieres and half are repertory pictures. This year, we were treated to Martin Scorsese's new film, SHUTTER ISLAND. Seeing this film made me go back and start digging for a film he had made that I had wanted to see for a long while and I actually found it on YouTube in its entirety. The film is called AMERICAN BOY: A PROFILE OF STEVEN PRINCE. It's essentially Scorsese and some friends pointing a camera at the VERY interesting Prince and letting him tell stories about his one-of-a-kind life. Most of you would probably recognize Prince as Easy Andy the gun dealer from TAXI DRIVER:Terror Tuesday's Zack Carlson and Weird Wednesday's Lars Nilsen had been recommending this movie to me for a long time and I'm very foolish to just now be watching it. The stories he tells in this film are truly amazing and are so detailed they couldn't be made up. I'm guessing Quentin Tarantino has seen this film before, too. I won't say what makes me think that exactly, but if you watch the six part film below, you'll know what I mean. Let me know what you think of it in the comments!THE FIRST PIECE ISN'T ALLOWED TO BE EMBEDDED SO CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT. THE REST ARE BELOW.-Justin

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