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UPDATE #4: FINAL UPDATEThe site is on its own dedicated server now and will be staying that way from now on. The traffic we've been having on poster releases warrants it now and the support from fans has been staggering. Thank you so much for your patience and I'm sorry if you missed out on something in they craziness. To our new fans that were making their first purchase from us, thanks so much. It's great to have no supporters and it's a great time for you to find us. We have made a strong effort to get the best properties on the planet and to bring them to you at Mondo. To our current fans, you guys are the best. Thanks for sticking by us with all of the site problems. I know its sucked, but after today, we hope it to be the last time this happens. You have to remember that this is the first big release on the new version of the site, so bugs were inevitable. Now that we've worked that out, things should be infinitely smoother on the next release.We'll be having a lot of great stuff coming out soon and several announcements on our intentions for the next few years. Thanks again for hanging in there with us today and we hope to see you back on the next release!-JustinUPDATE #3The site has been switched over to a dedicated server. If you still can't see the site, follow these directions. It should work for you after:If you can’t access the site it’s probably due to cached DNS records. In Windows go to cmd.exe and iconfig /flushdns, in OS X just google ‘OS X (version) flush dns’ where version is your OS X release; Tiger, Leopard, SL.Thanks to Martin in the comments.UPDATE #2:FULL DISCLOSURE:SITE STATUSThis is what's happening RIGHT NOW. Our backend provider is switching the site over to a dedicated server which is the absolute highest option that they offer. They're doing this on the fly so it may take a while. If you know anything about IT stuff, I'm sure you know that what I'm saying is a nightmare. I've talked to at least 4 different people and they are on it.Because the site is being switched over, I cannot check inventory status on the backend. When it goes back up, I'll let everyone know what is still available and what is sold out. My guess is that the WOLF MAN variant is, but I will confirm that when the site gets back on its feet.Again. I'm sorry. That's all I can say right now. You can look at it one of two ways. We either have a shitty site or we got a ton of traffic because Martin Ansin and Daniel Danger KILLED these posters. To take away from their skills and these posters just because the site went down isn't fair to them at all. As you can see, we JUST SWITCHED sites so this wouldn't happen, but with the high profile release, it brought WAY more traffic than we anticipated and the site went down. Does this blow? Yeah. I buy the new Masters of the Universe figures from Matty Collector all of the time and I get frustrated every time their site crashes and I have to wait. Real people run Mondo and we're a tiny staff and sometimes things like this happen. Again, I'm sorry and we're working on it. I'll try to keep you updated as much as I can.UPDATE:We're currently switching the site to a new server that can handle all of the traffic we're receiving. I'll let you know when the posters are back up for sale.Hey everyone-As you all know, the WOLFMAN posters went on sale at around 11am. Upon putting them on sale, the site was decimated with traffic. In all fairness, more traffic than we've ever dreamed of receiving, so to say this has been overwhelming is an understatement. I've been seeing the comments on Twitter and poster forums around the internet and I want to issue an apology for the time you've spent refreshing the site and waiting for your transaction to go through. I feel terrible about this and am working to do everything I can to fix the problem. We're switching servers right now and I'll let you all know when the posters are available again. None have sold out yet, so everyone will still have a chance at getting them.My sincerest apologies,Justin

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