Today was a very satisfying day and as far as pictures go....these show the most change in the shop. No longer are the walls blue. They have been painted a deep black. All holes and sheetrock have been fixed and internet and power is run. Lighting is still being worked on, but should be good to go by the end of the week. Speaking of lighting, today saw the installation of our Medusa chandelier.I can't believe this actually happened. In planning the store, I said I had an idea for a light with an arm sticking out of the ceiling holding a severed Medusa head and everyone was like, "Ok. Cool." Didn't bat an eye. I've got the best job in the world.We worked with Hawgfly again here in Austin. Meredith Johns and crew did an INSANE job on this. We based this design off of three things; the Ray Harryhausen Medusa design in CLASH OF THE TITANS:the Medusa design Skinner did for us last year:And the Gorgon Video Label: There are so many details with this thing. We have a secret plug in the neck gore that pulls out so we can change the lightbulb inside and oh yeah...when the lights are on, it's eyes light up just like in CLASH OF THE TITANS! I wanted to get a pic of this for this post, but when I went in, the power wasn't ran to it yet. The hand gripping the snakes belongs to Cheech Marin. Meredith did all of the practical effects work in Robert Rodriguez's MACHETE and they had to mold Cheech's hand and arm, so instead of blowing dough on molding mine, we just used his. Thanks Cheech! One reason I know this chandelier was a good idea was when a group of little kids looked into the store, they yelled "Mommy...SCARY!" and ran away. Mission accomplished. Super happy with this and the surprises will continue to come in following posts. When the store remodel settles down, I'll do a progress blog post on how this was made. I had Meredith take pictures of every step and it's really amazing stuff. Take a look at more detailed shots of the space and of the chandelier up close:-Justin

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